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Archive: April 2011

A special journey planner for passengers at the UK's largest coach operator

Posted in Travel tips

So called „Open Jaw” - is National Express’ special  journey planner. But what it enables us to?A lot of tourists and National Express customers have asked me whether it is possible to book a ticket for a journey from point A to B and from point C back to A, in order to avoid two separate bookings?Well... Yes, this option gives National Express carrier. For many people this may be a small amenity, but with this facility you will avoid the additional costs (use of a credit card, an extra print, and in some cases, a ticket bought via „open jaw” journey planner may ...

EU revises regulations for passengers’ coach transport

Posted in Industry news

The new law comes into force in early 2013. Passengers will be entitled to compensation in case of large delays, as well as for meals or accommodation in case of failure on international routes.More information from the Euronews website: A new EU law on coach passengers’ rights will come into effect in 2013. The rules cover all long-distance scheduled passenger services, whether national or crossing borders.Compensation can be as much as half of the purchase price as well as a full refund of the ticket, if an operator cancels a service or somehow cannot honour the transp...

Description of the UK's largest coach operator

Posted in Travel tips

National Express is the largest and most popular carrier in the UK. National Express’ vehicles are very specific and it’s impossible not to recognize them from other British carriers’ vehicles. All coaches are white and bear the red and blue logo of the operator. These coaches are very comfortable and suitable for long routes. On some routes the coaches are equipped with Wi-Fi, so passengers can connect to the internet, and the journey itself isn’t monotonous. The carrier’s network of connections is very complex, at present, passengers or tourists can travel up to...

A Magical Dream Destination

Posted in Vacation planning

Imagine a Land where the wonder world of Disney come alive.  Imagine a Disneyland® Park, where make believe is real.  And Walt Disney Studio® Park, where the magic of Disney meets the magic of cinema.Imagine a Disney® Village, where fun and entertainment stay open day and night.  Seven Disney Hotels, where sweet dreams come true in the very hear of the magic. Imagine you are here.  In a Resort as big as imagination.  Welcome to Disneyland® Resort Paris.  A holiday destination like no other.Someone you know, can’t wait to go.  So come live the magic.  Today.For...

How can I travel to the royal wedding?

Posted in Travel tips

Travel To The Royal Wedding with Megabus. Don’t miss out on this fantastic UK event.It has been officially announced by the palace, that the Royal Wedding will take place this summer on 29th April 2011. Probably millions of people will watch the wedding ceremony at home. However, we should ask ourselves how often does such a cultural events occur? It is not often - isn’t it?. That’s why we should take advantage of this rare opportunity and we should go and see this wedding ceremony live. But where is the royal wedding taking place?  The royal wedding is taking place...

Travelling with limited budget

Posted in Budget travel

If you intend to visit Europe you should obtain a special bus-pass. If you are going to be every few days in another European country, and you’ve got a limited amount of money, the Eurolines’ pass will enable you to travel between the 50 largest European cities for a relatively low amount of money. Want to see Europes’ top cities? But you’re on a budget? Click here to buy a special Eurolines Pass If you want to spend holidays in the UK, it might be helpful to you if you use a special National Express’ pass called - Brit Xplorer. Travelling with Brit Xplorer will c...

A New Bus for London

Posted in Industry news

Each European metropolis has its own distinctive emblem, something so characteristic that can’t be found in another city. Mostly in cities there are specific buildings, but sometimes we remember another characteristic feature. Londons’ characteristic features are the black cabs, public red telephone boxes and.... - red buses.The city authorities of London want to standardize and modernize the fleet of city buses. The buses are to be modern, environmentally friendly and friendly to passengers.Here are details from the Transport for London website about the new buses for ...

Crossing the English Channel by ferry

Posted in Travel tips

Earlier this week, I briefly described what is the Eurotunnel and how crossings are organized. Today I want to briefly describe the traditional crossing - by ferry.According to Wikipedia: The English Channel (French: la Manche, Breton: Mor Breizh, Cornish: Mor Bretannek), often referred to simply as the Channel, is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Great Britain from northern France, and joins the North Sea to the Atlantic. It is about 560 km (350 mi) long and varies in width from 240 km (150 mi) at its widest, to only 34 km (21 mi) in the Strait of Dover. I...

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