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Description of the UK's largest coach operator

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National Express is the largest and most popular carrier in the UK. National Express’ vehicles are very specific and it’s impossible not to recognize them from other British carriers’ vehicles. All coaches are white and bear the red and blue logo of the operator. These coaches are very comfortable and suitable for long routes. On some routes the coaches are equipped with Wi-Fi, so passengers can connect to the internet, and the journey itself isn’t monotonous. The carrier’s network of connections is very complex, at present, passengers or tourists can travel up to 1000 different British locations. The carrier has also introduced many promotions, as well discounts for children, students, and people over 60 are also available. If you book early and your travel dates and times are flexible, you may get the “promo” ticket. Booking early is highly recommended, because the National Express’ coach services are very popular and the coaches are fully booked on some days.

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Here is a short video showing the National Express’ vehicles

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