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Can we take dogs or cats on a coach? We get this a lot...

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Many people write to us asking if they can travel with pets on a coach, describing their favorites as a tiny, trouble-free, not requiring a lot of space. The answer is simple and definite - NO you can not.

Unfortunately, you can not travel with an animal on the coach. None of the British or European licensed coach operators will allow you to travel with a dog or cat. The exceptions are guide dogs.

So really it does not depend on the size, behavior or wage of the pet. Long journey by coach make the animals feel unwell, which may have an impact on the entire journey.


Ian Brown

Many people ask if they take their dog or cat on a coach. This means that there is a demand for this service. The tourist industry in trouble! So dog friendly coach tours need to be revisted. My dad and me are going by to Ireland for a week. Our lack Lab would have loved it as would any other dog type used as an assistant dog.

Maria Holm

No pets is probably more about obstacles deliberately put in place by the British authorities. Britain does not allow even small pets in aircraft cabins either. Many other countries do. It is about making access to the UK by pets as awkward as possible. Brexit may even result in the hated quarantine regulations being brought back.


I used to travel a lot by coach to visit parents in Liverpool from London and took my dog with me never any problem , all of a sudden it stoped I wonder what type of traveler complained it’s not about the length of the journey that’s rubbish ,

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