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Sindbad-Eurobus bus routes between London and Ukraine

The fast Sindbad-Eurobus coach of a Polish operator travels from the UK to Ukraine or vice versa three times per week in about 48 hours (depending on the destination). Currently, this service is probably the cheapest and easiest option. Tickets can be as cheap as £212 return (London-Kiev).

The Sindbad-Eurobus coach is a fast service, connecting England with Ukraine. The bus crosses France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland on its way.
The journey from London to Kiev takes about 50 hours. From London to Lviv it is about 42 hours, from London to Zytomir it is about 47 hours and from London to Rivne it is 44 hours. The coach serves more locations on both ends. In London, the bus stops at the London Victoria Coach Station. A detailed timetable is located below. The cheapest way to travel to Ukraine is the coach. If you are on a tight budget, then taking the coach in Europe can offer some incredible cost savings.
This connection can be treated as the express ukbus because after leaving the UK there are no planned intermediate stops up to the Polish border in Swiecko.

While offering excellent fares the Sindbad-Eurobus company featured offering a very high-quality service - you can expect reclining seats, extra hold luggage, free wifi, sometimes they offer you free tea or coffee, and you also have power sockets at each seat.

Note that timetables and fares are subject to change and EuropeBus can’t guarantee the accuracy of this information. Please use a special booking tool to see current schedule and exact prices and book a ticket for an international journey

Discover Ukraine

The second largest country in Europe - almost twice the size of the United Kingdom - has attracted visitors with its picturesque spring grasses of its vast steppes as well as with his long Black Sea coast and the peninsula of Crimea. In my opinion, a unique tourist attraction is the Crimea. Crimea is a peninsula in the southern Ukraine, which is connected to the mainland by only a narrow passage - Perekopski, between the Black Sea and Azov. Due to the wealth of historical sites, Crimea is also called "open air museum." In Crimea, you can find traces of different civilisations. Ruins of ancient Greek cities: Pantikapea (out of Kerch) and Chersones (in Sevastopol). In addition, more impressive monasteries carved into the rock and "cave cities."
Crimea may be called "the miniature world," due to the incredible combination of sea, mountains, caves, steppes, canyons and waterfalls. In the north stretches the steppe - hot and dry, south-central region - is a beautiful Crimean Mountains.
The port and trading city of Odessa is enjoying great popularity, especially among young people. Among the major attractions of the capital Kiev are the Skythengold and the monk mummies in the Kiev Cave Monastery on the western bank of the Dnieper, but also many other religious buildings, some of which are of the world cultural heritage. The historic centre of Lviv with this award, and around the city granted an open-air museum insight into their rich history. Useful guides: Lonely Planet Publications

London to UkraineSindbad-Eurobus coach from London to Ukraine


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Trains & airlines from the UK to Ukraine

If our information is insufficient for you to convince you to travel by coach, or simply you don’t like this transportation arrangement then we encourage you to take advantage of rail or flight services. If you want to travel from the London to Ukraine or vice versa by train we suggest you visit the Voyages-sncf website, while good flights between Britain and Ukraine are recommended on the Budget Air’s website

Rail services in Europe are fast, frequent and convenient. Tickets can be bought in advance easily via a train reservation service available at
Regular European air link services can be checked and booked at Flights connections are available to various destinations in Europe and worldwide.

To the Ukraine by coach, see current international timetables & fares

London to Kiev, Lvov, Rivne, Zytomir & more

Departing Coach times valid until 31/10/2020 Returning
M, W, Sa
Days of operation from London
Coach stops
15:30 Dep.➀ LONDON, UK, Victoria Coach Station Arr.➂ 11:00
Only London is listed above, but you can travel from about 30 British places to Ukraine by the Sindbad-Eurobus coach
Transit via France, Belgium, Germany and Poland. Arrival on the next day.
7:50 © Arr SWIECKO, PL, Interchange only Dep. 20:30
8:00 Dep SWIECKO, PL, Interchange only Arr. 20:00 ©
Arr.➂ BORUSPIL, UA, Bus Station, Kijovski Shlyah, 2/6
Dep.➀ 18:00
Arr.➂ CHARKIW, UA, Bus Station, No. 1. pr. Gagarina 22
Dep.➀ 11:00
Arr.➂ CHERSON, UA, Bus Station, Polkovnyka Kedrovskiy 1
Dep.➀ 7:00
Arr.➂ CHMELNIZKI, UA, Bus Station, No 1, Vynnytskoe shosse 23
Dep.➀ 19:30
14:10 Arr.➂ CZERKASY, UA, Bus Station, Smilianska 166a Dep.➀ 15:55
20:10 Arr.➂ DNEPROPETROVSK, UA, Bus Station, Kurchatova 10 Dep.➀ 9:45
18:55 Arr.➂ KAMIANSKE, UA, Bus Station, Volodymyra Sirenka 3 Dep.➀ 11:00
17:10 Arr.➂ KRZEMIENCZUK, UA, Bus Station, Vorovskogo 326 Dep.➀ 13:00
11:10 Arr.➂ KYIV, UA, Central Bus Station, Nauki 1/2 Dep.➀ 18:55
14:25 Arr.➂ LUBNY, UA, Bus Station, Radianska 157 Dep.➀ 15:05
4:35 Arr.➂ LUCK, UA, Bus Station, Konyakina 39 Dep.➀ 01:05+
4:50 Arr.➂ LVIV, UA, Bus Station, Station Ave 1 Dep.➀ 00:20+
20:10 Arr.➂ MYKOLAIV, UA, Bus Station, Ephiphany 21 Dep.➀ 8:25
3:10 Arr.➂ NOVOVOLYNSK, UA, Bus Station, Autobusna 4 Dep.➀ 2:30+
7:20 Arr.➂ NOWOGRAD WOLYNSKI, UA, Bus Station, Shevchenka 45 Dep.➀ 22:20
17:40 Arr.➂ ODESSA, UA, Bus Station, Kolontayivska 58 Dep.➀ 11:05
16:25 Arr.➂ POLTAVA, UA, Bus Station, Velykotyrnivska 7 Dep.➀ 13:05
5:45 Arr.➂ RIWNE, UA, Bus Station, Kijowski 40 Dep.➀ 23:55
7:25 Arr.➂ TERNOPIL, UA, Bus Station, No. 1 Zhivova 7 Dep.➀ 21:30
13:55 Arr.➂ UMAN, UA, Bus Station, Kijowski 1 Dep.➀ 14:55
11:20 Arr.➂ VINNICA, UA, Bus Station, Kijowski 8 Dep.➀ 17:25
21:55 Arr.➂ ZAPOROZHYE, UA, Bus Station, Prospekt Soborny 20 Dep.➀ 8:00
8:30 Arr.➂ ZHYTOMYR, UA, Bus Station, Kijowska 93 Dep.➀ 21:10
Days of operation from Ukraine
T, Fr, Su

M = Monday, T= Tuesday, W = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, Fr = Friday, Sa = Saturday, Su = Sunday, n = Daily except...
1 = Additional services during the Christmas & Summer holiday periods - up to 7 services per week
SINDBAD-EUROBUS = Sindbad, Interbus, Polonia Transport, Eurolines UK, Eurolines Polska, National Express, Eurobus
© = A change of coach is required
+ = next day
➀ = Day 1
➂ = Day 3

London to Ukraine standard fares

Amendable and refundable

London to:

Adult Youth/Senior Child
Single Return Single Return Single Return
NOVOVOLYNSK £112 £172 10% discount 10% discount
LVIV £115 £177 10% discount 10% discount
LUCK, TERNOPIL £120 £182 10% discount 10% discount
£122 £192 10% discount 10% discount
CHMELNIZKI, UMAN, VINNICA £125 £197 10% discount 10% discount
BORUSPIL, KYIV, ZHYTOMYR £132 £212 10% discount 10% discount
LUBNY £135 £217 10% discount 10% discount
£137 £222 10% discount 10% discount
CHARKIW £140 £227 10% discount 10% discount
KRZEMIENCZUK £142 £227 10% discount 10% discount
DNEPROPETROVSK, KAMIANSKE £147 £237 10% discount 10% discount
ZAPOROZHYE £152 £247 10% discount 10% discount

Age categories: Children: 4-12 years, Youth: 13-26 years, Seniors: 60+ years.

Bus tickets London to Ukraine

How to buy tickets online for travel from London & the UK to Ukraine

Sindbad-Eurobus is one of the largest Polish companies in the long-distance coach traffic. Sindbad-Eurobus transports a million passengers annually. You can reserve seats in advance on the internet.

Like Eurolines, Sindbad-Eurobus is a coalition of independent bus/coach companies that operate under one brand name. Sindbad-Eurobus coaches are comfortable and upscale. The service from the UK to Ukraine is supported by a number of carriers: Sindbad, Eurobus, Interbus and Polonia Transport. Companies which operate the service to Ukraine have different names but the connection is only one.

You can reserve a seat online, you can use a special booking tool provided by Voyager reservation system (click here) Anyone from any country can buy tickets this way. Do a dry run first to check prices and availability before booking for real.

Open the special journey planner and book from London to Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Rivne, Zhytomyr & more and back looking for the direct coach with 0 changes. The search results will also show cheap savings fares (if they will be available) or standard fares. You pay by debit or credit card and print out your own tickets. Easy! The prices shown are in GBP, EuropeBus recommends registering when it asks you before completing the purchase.

How to buy coach tickets via the Voyager booking tool in a few steps

To purchase tickets online you can do it using the journey planner provided (just click the link below). Then fallow the purchase process as shown below. You can purchase the ticket with this tool for Sindbad-Eurobus services from the UK to Ukraine or vice versa.

  • Select your country of departure and destination, number of passengers and the type of ticket
  • Date of departure and specific destination (choose city or town)
  • Course Selection (optional printout schedules)
  • Personal data, address, choice of fares and possible discounts
  • Acceptance Rules' ticket on-line
  • Summary of information entered
  • Pay online using a debit or credit card
  • Print the ticket

When making a reservation online through the Voyager’s booking tool you can be sure you will get cheapest tickets. Purchased and paid tickets are ready to print directly from a web page. It is also possible to print tickets at a later date, giving a specific GID number, which is generated during the purchase. Book your ticket now

Travelling to Ukraine from outside London

Sindbad-Eurobus outside London supports many other cities and towns in the UK and London is exclusively one of many stops on the route of the carrier. Tickets are available online too. If your city or town is not operated by the carrier you can always travel to London with National Express or Megabus, tickets are available through or

The journey from London to Ukraine by bus

The operator provides on-board toilet and washroom facilities, reclining seats and air-conditioning as standard. Sometimes the coach that picks you up from your departure point has only the final destination displayed on the front windscreen. This is because the majority of routes include multiple stops and it would be impractical to display every stop on the front windscreen. Also, you may have booked a journey which requires a change of coach. In both examples, please ask the driver to confirm that his/her coach is going to the destination stated on your ticket.
This coach service departs from Victoria Coach Station in London which is located close to Victoria Underground and bus stations. This coach service arrives at the main bus terminals in Ukraine.

The carrier provides service to any person who has purchased a ticket. The number of tickets for the designated route is limited to the number of seats. Having a valid ticket guarantee you use the service (seat on the coach), however, it does not reserve any particular place.
Single and return tickets (with the indicated date and time) are for a specific journey, you cannot miss the departure because you will lose the ticket.
Best to buy tickets well in advance. The operator has many discounts for those who decide to purchase tickets in advance. Constant, although a slight discount is provided for youth, elderly and disabled people. Up to 50% discount is provided for children. Return fares are much cheaper than two single fares each way.

Only Sindbad-Eurobus has an onboard crew!

We are delighted that Sindbad-Eurobus offers connections with the onboard crew. Only a small number of coach operators in Europe offer such a privilege to passengers. But what the crew does?

The steward or stewardess “pilot or pilotka” in Polish is rather a journey manager and range of their responsibilities is enormous:
The main duty is to ensure the safety of passengers, ensuring that the journey is the least onerous. Greeting passengers, checking tickets and documents required for crossing borders, assigning seats.
During journeys they filling out documentation and writing travel reports, coordinating the route, communicating with crews of other coaches; participating in the organisation of transfers. They also check if the driver loses concentration and if drivers not exceed the permitted working hours or going the right way. They also announce the upcoming stops, answers questions from passengers, offer cold and hot drinks.

Check-In at London Victoria Coach Station

Check-in takes place directly with the driver or crew. Check in commences one hour before departure and closes 15 minutes before to enable all customers to board and to ensure a prompt departure. You should have your passports and other travel documents ready for inspection at check-in. A boarding card for each customer and luggage labels will be issued and customers will be advised from which gate their coach will leave. Check in time at other UK departure points is 30 minutes before departure.

Check-In in Ukraine

You must check-in no later than 60 minutes before the departure time stated on your ticket. Check-in closes 15 minutes before departure.
If there’s no office for check-in, then check-in takes place directly on the coach. Services returning to London arrive in Victoria Coach Station’s Arrivals terminal, customers making onward coach connections will need to cross the street to the Departures terminal

Sea crossings

Once you get to Dover (for the ferry) or Folkestone (for the train) you’ll have to go through passport control – the driver or coach attendant will explain exactly where and when to get off. On entry at the ferry port or Eurotunnel terminal, customers will be required to disembark from the vehicle and pass through both UK and French Border Control offices and show their passports. In Folkestone and on board the ferry you can find a restaurant, shops, bars, cafes, arcade games and loads of sitting spaces – so you can keep well entertained for the 1 hour 30-minute crossing.

Channel ferry crossing ▶▶▶ Watch video Channel tunnel crossing ▶▶▶ Watch video

Rest stops

Will the international coach stop for a break?
Of course, on the majority of services. All international coach operators provide refreshment breaks on longer journeys, especially overnight services. The European law obliges the driver to take a break every four and a half hours.

Carriage of luggage

Each passenger is entitled to transport two pieces of primary luggage (suitcase, travel bag or backpack) of total weight not exceeding 30 kg.
In addition to the main luggage, the passenger has the right to carry one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 5kg. Luggage exceeding the limit as mentioned earlier can be transported with the crew’s consent only if there is enough space in the luggage hold.
For each additional luggage (1 piece, up to 25kg) or for exceeding the permissible weight of the primary baggage, the carrier shall charge a fee.

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Travel insurance

The best way to protect against unexpected accidents is to buy travel insurance. In my opinion, so that the journey is stress-free, you should never travel without travel insurance. You can insure for the whole journey and your stay. This will be the insurance that will apply during the journey and while in a foreign country. The insurance should cover loss of cash and goods, cancellation of travel and medical treatment abroad. If you travel several times a year and want to save money, you may want to buy an annual insurance policy. Click here to buy insurance.


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