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UK to Czech Republic tickets

London to the Czech Republic by bus, basic info

The cheapest way to travel to the Czech Republic is definitely the coach. If you are on a tight budget, then taking the coach can offer some incredible cost savings.
While providing excellent fares some of these coach companies featured offering a very high-quality service - you can expect reclining seats, extra hold luggage, free wifi, sometimes they offer you free tea or coffee and you also have power sockets at each seat. Travel comfortably and conveniently to the Czech Republic, by direct coach from London at a special price from only £35, -
Regio Jet ex. Student-Agency-Bus buses run daily, from London to Prague and Plzen directly and with an many other Czech towns and cities, but this requires interchange in Prague. The running time of the Regio Jet coach to Prague is approximately 19 hours. This connection enables direct access not only to Prague but also to Pilsen. Travelling by coach is safe, comfortable and affordable, and much better for the environment than air travel. You can admire Europe’s amazing scenery through the windows of a modern, air-conditioned coach. The very important information is that this operator run from Victoria Green Line Station, not Victoria Coach Station. Buy a ticket online now

Discover the Czech Republic

Prague is not without reason called the Golden City with a hundred towers. The entire city centre was named for the wealth of historically significant buildings and places in 1992 by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. Among other things, can be found here founded in 1348  the Prague University, the brilliant National Theatre, the Hradcany (Prague Castle) district with the world famous Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral to the Charles Bridge, the Golden Lane, where there were once Kafka and more. Useful guides: Lonely Planet Publications

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About the Regio Jet's London - Prag coach service

Regio Jet run an international coach service using modern air conditioned coaches, with allocated seating, entertainment and even a free drink.

  • Stewards / stewardesses are present on board the coach.
  • The coaches are easily identifiable by their yellow colour and feature leather seats with a little recline, a footrest and little tray table to put your complimentary hot drink on. Other drinks and snacks can be purchased, you normally only get one drink during the journey which is served to you in your seat.
  • Coaches also feature a toilet.
  • Entertainment is provided in the form of music videos, movies or tv shows, often in English with Czech subtitles. Take your headphones along if you want to enjoy this. They also offer complimentary newspapers and magazines but unless you can read Czech you'll just be looking at pictures.
  • Luggage space is provided in the bottom of the coach, the first bag is always free and on some routes further bags are charged for.
  • Free wi-fi is also provided.

Additional information is available from Regio Jet.

Travelling from outside London

If you don't live in London through or you can book cheap separate tickets from 1000 other UK towns and cities to London.

Trains & airlines from the UK to the Czech Republic

If our information is insufficient for you to convince you to travel by coach, or simply you don’t like this transportation arrangement, then we encourage you to take advantage of rail or flight services. If you want to travel from the London to the Czech Republic or vice versa by train, we suggest you visit the Voyages-sncf website, while good flights between Britain and the Czech Republic are recommended on the Budget Air’s website

Rail services in Europe are fast, frequent and convenient. Tickets can be bought in advance easily via a train reservation service available at
Regular European air link services can be checked and booked at Flights connections are available to various destinations in Europe and worldwide.

To the Czech Republic by coach, see current international timetable & fares

London to Prague, Brno & Czech Republic

Coach times valid until 31/10/2018 Departing
Regio Jet service number 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Days of operation Daily
Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
Regio Jet coach stops
LONDON, Victoria Green Line Coach Stn Dep. 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00
PILSEN, Central Bus Station
Arr. 5:00
5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00
PRAGUE, Florenc Bus Station Arr. 6:25 © 6:25 © 6:25 © 6:25 © 6:25 © 6:25 © 6:25 © 6:25 ©
INTERCHANGE REGIO JET < > REGIO JET. Same operator, guaranteed transfer
PRAGUE, Florenc Bus Station Dep. 7:00
7:15 7:30 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00
BRNO, AN u hotelu Grand Arr. 9:30
- - - - - - -
UHERSKIE HRADISTE, AN Arr. - 11:15 - - - - - -
JIHLAVA, AN Arr. - - - - 10:35 - - -
JIRKOV, Bus Station Arr. - - - - 11:00 - - -
LUBENEC, Karlovarska Str. Arr. - - 9:05 - - - - -
KARLOVY VARY, Terminal Arr. - - 9:45 - - - - -
KROMERIZ, AN Arr. - - - - - - - 15:00
LOUNY, Bus Station, Arr. - - - 9:15 - - - -
MOST, 1 nam, opposite the bussines centre Arr. - - - 9:45 - - - -
SOKOLOV, Terminal Arr. - - - - - - 13:15 -
CHEB, AN Arr. - - - - - - 15:30 -
CHOMUTOV, Bus Station Arr. - - - - 11:10 - - -
HUMPOLEC, AN Arr. - - - - - 11:15 - -
ZELETAVA, Zelatava Arr. - - - - - 12:15 - -
MORAVSKIE BUDEJOVICE, Bus Station Arr. - - - - - 12:30 - -
PAVLICE, Na Kopci Arr. - - - - - 12:42 - -
ZNOJMO, Bus Station Arr. - - - - - 13:03 - -

Prague, Pilsen, Brno & Czech Republic to London by bus

Coach times valid until 31/10/2018 Returning
Regio Jet service number 10 10 10 10 10 10
Days of operation Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
Regio Jet coach stops
KROMERIZ, AN Dep. - - - 12:10 - -
ZNOJMO, Bus Station Dep. - - - - 14:00 -
PAVLICE, Na Kopci Dep. - - - - 14:21 -
MORAVSKIE BUDEJOVICE, Bus Station Dep. - - - - 14:33 -
ZELETAVA, Zelatava Dep. - - - - 14:48 -
KARLOVY VARY, Terminal Dep. - - - - - 15:00
JIRKOV, Bus Station Dep. - - 14:05 - - -
MOST, 1 nam, next to the bussines centre Dep. - - 14:30 - - -
JIHLAVA, AN Dep. - - - - 15:18 -
HUMPOLEC, AN Dep. - - - - 15:48 -
CHOMUTOV, Bus Station Dep. - - - - - 15:30
LUBENEC, Karlovarska Str. Dep. - - - - - 15:32
LOUNY, Bus Station Dep. - - - - - 16:15
CHEB, AN, p. B2
Dep. - 11:15 - - - -
SOKOLOV, Terminal Dep. - 11:25 - - - -
BRNO, AN u hotelu Grand Dep. 14:00 -
- - - -
PRAGUE, Florenc Bus Station Arr. 16:30 © 14:15 © 16:10 © 16:30 17:03 © 17:15 ©
INTERCHANGE REGIO JET < > REGIO JET. Same operator, guaranteed transfer
PRAGUE, Florenc Bus Station Dep. 18:00 18:00 18:00 18:00 18:00 18:00
PILSEN, Central Bus Station. Plat 1
Dep. 19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30
LONDON, Victoria Green Line Coach Stn Arr. 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30 12:30

M = Monday, T= Tuesday, W = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, Fr = Friday, Sa = Saturday, Su = Sunday, n = Daily except...
© = A change of coach is required in Prague

We observed that Regio Jet adjusts its price policy to the current trend of so-called dynamic ticket purchases; the price fluctuates between £92 and 138 one-way because it depends on the number of available seats.


London and to:
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Single Return Single Return Single Return UK to the Czech Rep
All destinations
from £35 from £65 from £35 from £65 from £35 from £65 Czech Rep to the UK

Age categories: Children: 0-12 years, Youth: 13-25 years, Seniors: 60+ years.

How to buy tickets online for travel from Britain to the Czech Republic?

Use the special journey planner form InfoBus, you can check in here. Anyone from any country can buy tickets this way.  Do a dry run first to check prices and availability before booking for real.
Open the special journey planner and book from London to the Czech Republic and back looking for the direct coach with 0 changes. The search results will also show cheap savings fares (if they will be available) or standard fares. You pay by debit or credit card and print out your own tickets.  Easy! The prices shown are in GBP, EuropeBus recommends registering when it asks you before completing the purchase.

Travelling to Europe from outside London

If you don't live in London through or you can book cheap separate tickets from 1000 other UK towns and cities to London.

The journey from London to Prague by Regio Jet

Every day Regio Jet provides for their passengers a coach service to and from Prague and a serveral other towns and cities in the Czech Republic.
 Transport from London to Prague is carried out with 'premium' vehicles. All Regio Jet’ coaches have an on-board toilet and washroom facilities, reclining seats and air-conditioning as standard.
 On this service, ON-BOARD SERVICE is offered - free bottle of water and Czech magazines and free WiFi in the Czech Republic and abroad. Sometimes the coach that picks you up from your departure point has only the final destination displayed on the front windscreen. This is because the majority of Regio Jet routes include multiple stops and it would be impractical to show every stop on the front windscreen. Also, you may have booked a journey which requires a change of coach. In both examples, please ask the driver to confirm that his/her coach is going to the destination stated on your ticket. Regio Jet put the safety and comfort of passengers first, so the vehicles are equipped with a large number of safeguards. The operators are using modern vehicles with large panoramic windows and increased legroom.
 Regio Jet coach services to the Czech Republik depart from Victoria Green Line Coach Station in London which is located close to Victoria Underground and bus stations. Regio Jet coaches arrive and depart from Prague’s Florenc Bus Station.
 Buy a ticket online now

The carrier provides service to any person who has purchased a ticket. The number of tickets for the designated route is limited to the number of seats. Having valid ticket guarantees, you use the service (seat on the coach).
Single and return tickets (with the indicated date and time) are for a specific journey, you cannot miss the departure because you will lose the ticket.
Best to buy tickets well in advance. Regio Jet has many discounts for those who decide to purchase tickets in advance. Constant, although a slight discount is provided for youth, elderly and disabled people. Up to 50% discount is offered for children. Unless you get a good promotional fare, return tickets are much cheaper than two single fares each way.

  • Before leaving home for your Regio Jet service, check you have packed all documents and items needed for your journey, especially your ticket, passport (sometimes it is enough to travel with ID card) and if your trip requires a special visa to enter or transit.
  • Arrive at the Victoria Green Line Coach Station in London at least one hour before the departure time, as check-in proceedings are quite lengthy. Customers may visit Regio Jet's kiosk before departure, located adjacent to departure bay. Check-in commences one hour before departure and closes 15 minutes before to enable all customers to board and to ensure a prompt departure.
  • Your luggage should be marked tags bearing a name, address, and telephone. Please weigh your luggage at home.
  • Never accept other person luggage for transport! Should you notice any luggage left unattended, never touch it! Report the fact to the station’s service staff immediately. Never leave your bags unattended!
  • When approaching the check-in desk, have your passport and ticket ready. This will streamline the procedure.
  • Border control & customs: When going through security check, place all metal items such as keys, watches, belts with large buckles, mobile phones, walkmans, small change, etc. in the boxes, and place them on the conveyor belt of the X-ray machine together with your hand luggage & suitcases. It is advisable to put your overcoats in the boxes. This will streamline and facilitate security control.
  • If needed, remember to take your doctor’s certificates.

Check-In at London Victoria Coach Station

Check in commences one hour before departure and closes 15 minutes before, to enable all customers to board and to ensure a prompt departure. You should have your passports and other travel documents ready for inspection at check-in. A boarding card for each customer and luggage labels will be issued, and customers will be advised from which gate their coach will leave. Check in time at other UK departure points is 30 minutes before departure. If the office for check-in is already closed, check-in takes place directly on the coach. 
Buy a ticket online now.

Check-In at Prague

If you chose to travel to Prague by international coach/bus, you would probably arrive/depart at Florenc, Prague’s international bus terminal, which is located at the B/C line of the subway. You must check-in no later than 30 minutes before the departure time stated on your ticket. Check-in closes 15 minutes before departure. 
If there’s no office for check-in, then check-in takes place directly on the coach. Services returning to London arrive in Victoria Green Line Coach Station’s terminal.

Sea crossings

Once you get to Dover (for the ferry) or Folkestone (for the train) you’ll have to go through passport control – the driver or coach attendant will explain exactly where and when to get off. On entry at the ferry port or Eurotunnel terminal, customers will be required to disembark from the vehicle and pass through both UK and French Border Control offices and show their passports. In Folkestone and on board the ferry you can find a restaurant, shops, bars, cafes, arcade games and loads of sitting spaces – so you can keep well entertained for the 1 hour 30-minute crossing.

Channel ferry crossing ▶▶▶ Watch video Channel tunnel crossing ▶▶▶ Watch video

Rest stops

Will the international coach stop for a break?
Of course, on the majority of services.  All international coach operators provide refreshment breaks on longer journeys, especially overnight services. The European law obliges the driver to take a break every four and a half hours.

Carriage of luggage

Each passenger is entitled to transport one piece of primary luggage (suitcase, travel bag or backpack) of total weight not exceeding 25 kg.
In addition to the main luggage, the passenger has the right to carry one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 5kg. Luggage exceeding the limit as mentioned earlier can be transported with the crew’s consent only if there is enough space in the luggage hold.
For each additional luggage (1 piece, up to 25kg) or for exceeding the permissible weight of the primary baggage, the carrier shall charge a fee.

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Travel insurance

The best way to protect against unexpected accidents is to buy travel insurance. In my opinion, so that the journey is stress-free, you should never go without travel insurance. You can insure only for travel, it’s possible directly on the Regio Jet website, during ticket purchase. You can also insure individually with another insurer. This will be the insurance that will apply during the journey and while in a foreign country. The insurance should cover a loss of cash and goods, cancellation of travel and medical treatment abroad. If you travel several times a year and want to save money, you may want to buy an annual insurance policy. Click here to buy insurance.


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