London to Macedonia by bus

Eurolines London to Macedonia

The first phase of ticket purchase from anywhere in Britain to Sofia via Eurolines UK website BOOK TICKET NOW

The second phase please check a long-distance bus and coach schedule between Sofia and Macedonia CHECK HERE

From London to Macedonia by coach

Travelling from London to Macedonia by coach is possible. The journey as well as the purchase of tickets is not complicated. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to complete the whole journey from London to Macedonia with single connection. Only a part of the journey will be performed by Eurolines, at a distance from London to Sofia in Bulgaria. The second stage of the journey from Sofia to the chosen destination in Macedonia, will be performed by a local bus/coach operator.

So in a very uncomplicated way the journey from London to Macedonia by coach can be conventionally divided into two stages. One part of the journey from London to Paris and then to Sofia is with the Eurolines. After arriving in Sofia, you must use the services of other carriers. Some of them are associated in the Eurolines group.
Along the way you'll see amazing landscapes in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.
 The coach ride between London and Sofia takes approximately 48 hours. There are up to 2 connections per week between the UK and Bulgaria in both directions. For exact timetable see Eurolines website It is recommended to book tickets online in advance at least several days prior to departure.
When arriving in Sofia, you can use services of the operators Kaleya or Matpu 96. In my opinion they are quite modern carriers, or use services of local carriers. One-way fare costs about 15 Euros, for the return ticket you’ll pay about 20 Euros. Tickets are available at the station in Sofia. Coaches and buses from Sofia to Macedonia run from the same bus station. Eurolines are high-class vehicles equipped with toilet, air conditioning, reclining seats, radio and TV. Long-distance bus and coach schedule between Sofia and Macedonia. Note that timetables and fares are subject to change and EuropeBus can't guarantee accuracy of this information.

Go to Eurolines website to see current timetable and prices and book a ticket for your international journey The citizens of some European countries, when travelling to Macedonia via Serbia must have a valid passport and visa.

Discover Macedonia

Macedonia is right at the heart of the Balkans, and most travellers to the region pass through it at some stage, yet it remains something of an unknown quantity where tourism is concerned. At an official level there seems to be little interest in attracting visitors, especially independent travellers; even Albania and Bosnia receive more coverage in the travel press than Macedonia. Those travellers who do visit find a welcoming and laid-back country, where change seems to happen at a slightly more measured pace than in other parts of the Balkans. The obvious place to start is Lake Ohrid, deservedly one of the most-loved destinations in the Balkans. Independent travellers who make time to explore the rest of the country are likely to find it equally rewarding. Useful guides: Lonely Planet Publications

Useful links to coach timetables & fares

How to buy tickets & some helpful information

The Eurolines coach network is an inexpensive way to travel through Europe. Eurolines coaches have different categories, from Standard class to Business class and they go everywhere. You can reserve seats in advance on the internet.

Eurolines operators

Eurolines is a coalition of independant bus and coach companies that operate under one brand name. They serve the majority of European countries, reaching hundreds of destinations across Europe from Ireland to Russia and from Norway to Portugal. Some also serve Turkey and Morocco. Eurolines coaches are comfortable and upscale.
You can reserve a seat online, If your journey begins from the UK, you just go on the Eurolines UK web page, a complete list of operators affiliated in the Eurolines group is available under The Eurolines offices are usually located inside the long distance bus stations, but it can also be a travel agent in the city.

Eurolines & National Express in one booking

National Express has teamed up with Eurolines to bring Europe that little bit closer to you. And you can get there in one easy booking. Just enter the name of the place from which you start the journey, in the box defining the place of departure. London will automatically be treated as a transfer point. Book your international travel through the National Express website.

Trains & airlines from the UK to Macedonia

If our information is insufficient for you to convince you to travel by coach, or simply you don’t like this transportation arrangement then we encourage you to take advantage of rail or flight services. If you want to travel from the UK to Macedonia or vice versa by train we suggest you to visit the Voyages-sncf website, while good flights between Britain and Macedonia are recommend on the Budget Air’s website

Rail services in Europe are fast, frequent and convenient. Tickets can be bought in advance easily via a train reservation service available at
Regular European air link services can be checked and booked at Flights connections are available to various destinations in Europe and worldwide.

To Macedonia by coach, see current international timetables & fares

London to Macedonia

Departing Coach times valid until 31/03/2017 Returning
163/210-4 163/210-4 Eurolines service number 210-4/163 210-4/163
n M,Fr Days of operation Th n Th
- - Period(s) of operation - -
Eurolines coach stops
20:00 21:30 Dep.➀ LONDON, Victoria Coach Station Arr.➃ 5:00 5:45
21:00 22:30 Dep.➀ GILLINGHAM, Hempstead Valley, Shopping Centre Arr.➃ 3:45 4:20
21:55 23:25 Dep.➀ DOVER, Eurolines, Check-in, Eastern Docks Arr.➃ 2:20 3:30
12:00 ©
13:00 © Arr.➁ FRANKFURT, Interchange only Dep.➂ 15:00 16:00
15:15 15:15 Dep.➁ FRANKFURT, Interchange only
Arr.➂ © 13:00 © 13:00
21:00 21:00 Arr.➂ SOFIA, Main Station Dep.➁ 9:00 9:00
Every day from the bus station in Sofia operate many buses and coaches to Macedonia. Connections are made by different operators to various locations. Tickets can be purchased at the station. Check the on-line timetable
The timetable shows departure and arrivals times, a platform number, a full name of the carrier and a duration of the journey. The timetable is available in English language.
Sofia based coach company "Kaleya" now has departures from Skopje at 0:00 (arr. Sofia at 5.30), and departures from Sofia at 0:00 (arr Skopje at 5:30). There are about 4-5 buses every day, but most convinient is that one. The journey time is about 5 hours.

M = Monday, T= Tuesday, W = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, Fr = Friday, Sa = Saturday, Su = Sunday, n = Daily except...
© = You’ll need to change coach in Frankfurt, changeover in Sofia
➀ = Day 1, ➁ = Day 2, ➂ = Day 3, ➃ = Day 4

London to Macedonia fares

Information about coach fares from London to Sofia are presented at the Bulgaria page. From Sofia to Macedonia: One-way fare costs about 32 Euros, for the return ticket you’ll pay about 58 Euros.

How to buy tickets online for travel from London to Macedonia?

Unfortunately you can’t buy a ticket for the entire journey from London to Turkey in one place. Tickets must be purchased separately for the route from the UK to Sofia at and then a separately for the route from Sofia to Macedonia at the station in Sofia or from the driver. To purchase tickets online you can do it directly at the Europebus’s home page using the journey planner provided. You can also do it on the Eurolines or National Express’ websites. Simply fill out all fields in the journey planner and follow the instructions to buy a ticket. Discounts for children, students, and people over 60 are available. Early booking is highly recommended.
Passengers with open date return tickets, must confirm/reserve their return journey with a local Eurolines office at least 4 days before the date they wish to travel. Simply phone the Eurolines office in Sofia: +359 2832 1032

Travelling to Europe from outside London

National Express together with Eurolines offer nationwide connections to London for a simple add-on price of £15 single or return. Just enter the name of the place from which you start the journey, in the box defining the place of departure. London will automatically be treated as a transfer point. Unfortunately, this option is only available for certain Eurolines connections, so if you won’t be able to purchase a ticket with this option, you'll have to buy two separate tickets. One ticket for access into London by National Express, the second ticket for the international Eurolines route from London. 
It's easy. Buy a ticket online now.

The journey from London to Macedonia by coach

Each week Eurolines provides for their passengers up to 7 coach services between the UK and Bulgaria
All Eurolines’ coaches have on-board toilet and washroom facilities, reclining seats and air-conditioning as standard.
 Sometimes the coach that picks you up from your departure point has only the final destination displayed on the front windscreen. This is because the majority of Eurolines routes include multiple stops and it would be impractical to display every stop on the front windscreen. Also, you may have booked a journey which requires a change of coach. In both examples, please ask the driver to confirm that his/her coach is going to the destination stated on your ticket. 
Eurolines put the safety and comfort of passengers first, so the vehicles are equipped with a large number of safeguards. The operators are using modern vehicles with large panoramic windows and increased legroom.
Eurolines coach services to Bulgaria depart from Victoria Coach Station in London which is located close to Victoria Underground and bus stations. Eurolines coaches arrive at the main bus terminal in Sofia.

The carrier provides service to any person who has purchased a ticket. Number of tickets for the designated route is limited to the number of seats. Having a valid ticket guarantees you use of the service (seat on the coach), however it does not reserve any particular place.
Single and return tickets (with the indicated date and time) are for a specific journey, you cannot miss the departure, because you will lose the ticket.
Best to buy tickets well in advance. Eurolines has many discounts for those who decide to purchase tickets in advance. Constant, although a slight discount is provided for youth, elderly and disabled people. Up to 50% discount is provided for children. Unless you get a good promotional fare (mostly the FunFare ticket), return fares are much cheaper than two single fares each way.

Sofia based coach company "Kaleya" now has departures from Skopje at 0:00 (arr. Sofia at 5.30), and departures from Sofia at 0:00 (arr Skopje at 5:30). There are about 4-5 buses every day, but most convinient is that one. The journey time is about 5 hours.

Bus services between Skopje and Sofia run about 6 times a day with a journey time, depending on the border crossing, of about six hours. The service seems to be shared between the Macedonian Transkop Bitola company, the Bulgarian Matpu 96 OOD and a couple of others. The one-way fare at the time of writing was 32 leva (from Sofia) and the equivalent (just over 1000) in denar from Skopje.

In order to buy a ticket you’ll need your passport and tickets can be bought from any of the ticket desks at Skopje or from the Matpu office at Sofia’s Serdika bus station (adjacent to the central one). Useful to note is that the Skopje ticket office accepts major credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard/Maestro).

  • Before leaving home for your Eurolines service, check you have packed all documents and items needed for your journey, especially your ticket, passport (sometimes it is enough to travel with ID card) and if your journey requires a special visa to enter or transit.
  • Arrive at the Victoria Coach Station in London at least one hour before the departure time, as check-in proceedings are quite lengthy. Customers need to check-in at the Eurolines check-in office located adjacent to Gate 19. Check-in commences one hour before departure and closes 15 minutes before to enable all customers to board and to ensure a prompt departure.
  • Your luggage should be marked tags bearing name, address and telephone. Please weigh your luggage at home.
  • Never accept other persons luggage for transport! Should you notice any luggage left unattended, never touch it! Report the fact to the station’s service staff immediately. Never leave your luggage unattended!
  • When approaching the check-in desk, have your passport and ticket ready. This will streamline the procedure.
  • Border control & customs: When going through security check, place all metal items such as keys, watches, belts with large buckles, mobile phones, walkmans, small change etc in the boxes, and place them on the conveyor belt of the X-ray machine together with your hand luggage & suitcases. It is advisable to place your overcoats in the boxes. This will streamline and facilitate security control.
  • If needed, remember to take your doctor’s certificates.

Check-In at London Victoria Coach Station

You need to check-in at the Eurolines check-in office located adjacent to Gate 19. Check in commences one hour before departure and closes 15 minutes before to enable all customers to board and to ensure a prompt departure. You should have your passports and other travel documents ready for inspection at check-in. A boarding card for each customer and luggage labels will be issued and customers will be advised from which gate their coach will leave. Check in time at other UK departure points is 30 minutes before departure. If the office for check-in is already closed, check-in takes place directly on the coach. Buy a ticket online now.

Check-In in Macedonia and Bulgaria

You must check-in no later than 30 minutes before the departure time stated on your ticket. Check-in closes 15 minutes before departure.
If there’s no office for check-in, then check-in takes place directly on the coach. Services returning to London arrive in Victoria Coach Station’s Arrivals terminal, customers making onward coach connections will need to cross the street to the Departures terminal

Sea crossings

Once you get to Dover (for the ferry) or Folkestone (for the train) you’ll have to go through passport control – the driver or coach attendant will explain exactly where and when to get off. On entry at the ferry port or Eurotunnel terminal, customers will be required to disembark from the vehicle and pass through both UK and French Border Control offices and show their passports. In Folkestone and on board the ferry you can find a restaurant, shops, bars, cafes, arcade games and loads of sitting spaces – so you can keep well entertained for the 1 hour 30-minute crossing.

Channel ferry crossing ▶▶▶ Watch video Channel tunnel crossing ▶▶▶ Watch video

Rest stops

Will the international coach stop for a break?
Of course, on the majority of services.  All international coach operators provide refreshment breaks on longer journeys, especially overnight services. The European law obliges the driver to take a break every four and a half hours.

Carriage of luggage

Each passenger is entitled to transport two pieces of primary luggage (suitcase, travel bag or backpack) of total weight not exceeding 30 kg.
In addition to the main luggage, the passenger has the right to carry one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 5kg. Luggage exceeding the limit as mentioned earlier can be transported with the crew’s consent only if there is enough space in the luggage hold.
For each additional luggage (1 piece, up to 25kg) or for exceeding the permissible weight of the primary baggage, the carrier shall charge a fee.

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Travel insurance

The best way to protect against unexpected accidents is to buy travel insurance. In my opinion, so that the journey is stress-free, you should never travel without travel insurance. You can insure only for travel, it’s possible directly on the Eurolines website, during ticket purchase. You can also insure individually with another insurer. This will be the insurance that will apply during the journey and while in a foreign country. The insurance should cover: loss of cash and goods, cancellation of travel and the main treatment abroad. If you travel several times a year and want to save money, you may want to buy an annual insurance policy. Click here to buy insurance.


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