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How to track your coach?

Posted in Vacation planning

You are at a bus stop or coach station waiting for the arrival of your coach. The time of departure has passed, your coach is delayed and there is no information given. What to do next? You do not know when the coach will arrive, it also may be canceled. Where should we look for information?

Use your smartphone! I'll write even more strongly - always travel with a mobile phone. This will give you a sense of security and you can directly seek information through it. Just in case :)

Often we - the passengers are mad at the drivers, but very often fault lies elsewhere. The reasons for delays may be so much more for example the fault of the vehicle, traffic jams or driver's sickness and so on.

So where to seek information on delays?

National Express gives us an amazing solution. It is called - Coach Tracker

Coach Tracker allows you to track your coach in real-time, anytime, anywhere.  This means you can:

  • Check if your coach is on time
  • See when a coach is due to arrive at any station or stop
  • Quickly check for an earlier or later departure should you need to change your plans at the last minute

Coach Tracker will display live updates of where your coach currently is and when it's likely to arrive at your stop or reach it's destination. You can even view your coach on a map so you're kept fully up-to-date on your journey's progress.

 Don't forget, Coach Tracker is not only useful if you're travelling with National Express, but also if you're meeting friends or family at a coach station or stop to track what time the coach will reach its destination.

 The expected times shown are correct at the time displayed, but coaches are often able to make up time en-route.

Check coach tracker over here

Megabus & National Express

Twitter is also very handy. National Express and Megabus report any problems regarding delays as well as for replacement vehicles there. Those two carriers inform on Twitter about the length of delays and give the reason why.
We have to remember that when deciding for a coach journey we are responsible for the preparation. We have to take into consideration that "anything can happen’.

International routes

Previously mentioned by me channels of information are good solutions, but they work exclusively on domestic routes. International operators don’t give us any facilities that can help monitoring coaches in real-time.


Michael J.

I really like website, I think that's one of the best if not the best website about travelling by coach and bus in the United Kingdon.

Good luck.


I think the best coach tracker article in Britain, Cheers!


Very useful article about how to track coach in the U.K. thank you so much!

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