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How to track your coach?

Posted in Vacation planning

How to track your coach?

You are at a bus stop or coach station waiting for the arrival of your coach. The time of departure has passed, your coach is delayed and there is no information given. What to do next? You do not know when the coach will arrive, it also may be canceled. Where should we look for information? Use your smartphone! I'll write even more strongly - always travel with a mobile phone. This will give you a sense of security and you can directly seek information through it. Just in case :)Often we - the passengers are mad at the drivers, but very often fault lies elsewhere. The rea...

Eurolines France on Facebook and Twitter

Posted in Industry news

The French branch of Eurolines has opened its profile on Facebook and Twitter. So now, tourists have two extra information channels that provide the necessary information about the international coach services. In my opinion these are the best direct forms of communication between the service provider and the customer. Passengers feedback will always be up to date. Of course the criticism is necessary, if unpleasant circumstance occurred. As you can see Europe's largest carrier is open to new promotion channels, in this case social networking websites. As we know, the Frenc...

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