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Travelling to Poland? Introducing the new carrier

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Sindbad and Eurobus, the two biggest Polish international coach operators, have initiated their collaboration. What does this mean for passengers?
To continue to provide high-quality transport services while maintaining an extensive network of connections, and more importantly attractive prices, the operators have teamed up and reorganized the existing offerings from Sinbad and Eurobus. The reorganization of timetables will change the time of coaches departures and arrivals to various destinations and may also change in frequency. Now coaches from the UK to Poland will be running under the name Sindbad - Eurobus. As you probably remember, Eurobus had operated bus transport between Poland and Great Britain for Eurolines UK.

If you are planning to travel from the UK to Poland or vice versa by coach, be sure to visit our dedicated page Poland to check the current timetables.

The carriers have decided to continue cooperation with Eurolines UK and National Express so tickets can be purchased seamlessly through these sales channels:

UK to Poland and vice versa with Sindbad - Eurobus
Voyager booking tool BOOK TICKET NOW
UK to Poland and vice versa with Sindbad - Eurobus Infobus booking tool BOOK TICKET NOW
UK to Poland and vice versa with Sindbad - Eurobus Eurolines booking tool BOOK TICKET NOW


The result of the collaboration between Sindbad - Eurobus and Eurolines/National Express led to the creation of biggest so far coach network between the UK and Poland. So now it is the most extensive network, which has been increased by up to 40 the following destinations:

Alnwick, Barnsley, Basingstoke, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Bridgwater, Burnley, Camborne, Cambridge, Canterbury, Cheltenham, Chester, Derby, Durham, Guildford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Inverness, Liskeard, Liverpool, Mansfield, Milton Keynes, Newquay, Newton Abbot Norwich, Paignton, Penrith, Penzance, Poole, Sheffield, Sunderland, Taunton, Thetford, Torquay, Turno, Wakefield, Winchester, Wolverhampton, York.

The destinations presented above will be operated by National Express or Eurolines UK coaches to and from London. The expansion of the existing range of stops now allows our customers to travel to nearly 90 cities in Britain.

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