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Travelling with limited budget

Posted in Budget travel

If you intend to visit Europe you should obtain a special bus-pass. If you are going to be every few days in another European country, and you’ve got a limited amount of money, the Eurolines’ pass will enable you to travel between the 50 largest European cities for a relatively low amount of money.

Want to see Europes’ top cities? But you’re on a budget? Click here to buy a special Eurolines Pass

If you want to spend holidays in the UK, it might be helpful to you if you use a special National Express’ pass called - Brit Xplorer. Travelling with Brit Xplorer will cost you less than going by train. You choose exactly where you want to go and when - whether it's England, Wales or Scotland!

Want to see UKs’ top towns and cities? But you’re on a budget? Click here to buy a special Natioanl Express’ Pass

Find a roommate. Accommodation won't cost you much if you can rent/share a room or place in a hostel with another person.

Discounts for students and youth. If you are a student or if you aren’t older than 26 years, in Europe you're entitled to many discounts. Take only your student ID or other document confirming your age.

Try to eat meals and spend the night outside city centers. Usually the prices for meals and accommodation are much cheaper in districts far away from the city centers. Try to find something in our accommodation database.

Have a nice trip.

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