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A special journey planner for passengers at the UK's largest coach operator

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So called „Open Jaw” - is National Express’ special  journey planner. But what it enables us to?

A lot of tourists and National Express customers have asked me whether it is possible to book a ticket for a journey from point A to B and from point C back to A, in order to avoid two separate bookings?
Well... Yes, this option gives National Express carrier. For many people this may be a small amenity, but with this facility you will avoid the additional costs (use of a credit card, an extra print, and in some cases, a ticket bought via „open jaw” journey planner may be cheaper than buying two separate).
Using this „open jaw” journey planner you can also book a ticket for a travel from point A to point B and from B to C. I’ll give you an example. I booked a ticket to travel from Northampton to London Golders Green and from London Golders Green to Stansted Airport. Someone might ask why I did it this way, this can be done in the normal way. Of course it can, but National Express booking system searches for connections, where for the next coach I would have to wait between 90 and 120 minutes. I knew that there exists an earlier National Express’ service to Northampton, and I didn’t want to wait at the bus station 2 hours. So I decided to purchase a ticket via National Express’ „open jaw” journey planner.

Please click here for a version of the journey planner which includes an open jaw booking facility for National Express services.



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The post which you read is quite old and, unfortunately reserving tickets online in this way is now impossible. It was a decision of the carrier and not ours. Still you can make a reservation (open jaw) by calling National Express. Details can be found here

dave Critchley

I want an open jaw ticket for a day return ticket. I want to go from Manchester to London on a day. Then returning on the same day from London but back to Leigh, Lancashire. This is Open Jaw. Where do I get to it on your website? I've tried the options on your website but I still cannot find it there.

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