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A New Bus for London

Posted in Industry news

Each European metropolis has its own distinctive emblem, something so characteristic that can’t be found in another city. Mostly in cities there are specific buildings, but sometimes we remember another characteristic feature. Londons’ characteristic features are the black cabs, public red telephone boxes and.... - red buses.
The city authorities of London want to standardize and modernize the fleet of city buses. The buses are to be modern, environmentally friendly and friendly to passengers.
Here are details from the Transport for London website about the new buses for London:

A New Bus for London
The New Bus for London will be a bus the Capital can be proud of. Inspired by the old Routemaster, it will be modern, fully accessible and use the latest green technology.
The countdown to the new bus is now on. A full-size mock-up of the bus, made by Wrightbus of Northern Ireland, arrived in London in November 2010 where it was officially unveiled by the Mayor.
The prototype will arrive in London in November 2011 and the first five buses will enter passenger service in early 2012.

The pioneering design makes use of lightweight materials, with glass highlighting key features and producing a light and airy feel inside the bus. The interior and external styling of the bus was developed with help from our collaborative design partner, Heatherwick Studio.

View photos of the design in the Transport for London website’s gallery

Green technology
The bus will use the latest green technology. This will make it 15 per cent more fuel efficient than existing hybrid buses, 40 per cent more efficient than conventional diesel double deckers and much quieter on the streets.

The bus has a step-free gangway on the lower deck from the front to the back, allowing ease of access for people with mobility impairments and passengers with buggies. There will be a large wheelchair bay directly opposite the ramped centre door.

iBus displays
Fitted with iBus technology, the bus will display next-stop information on screens and will make automatic announcements over the PA system. The iBus announcements will be also be available via a T-Loop system for people with hearing aids.

Hop-on, hop-off
There will be an open platform to the rear, allowing a hop-on, hop-off service. Three entrances and two staircases make it speedier to board and alight.

Integrated heating and ventilation and an air-chilling system on the upper deck will provide year-round comfort. Low-energy lighting will provide a warmer lighting environment.

Second crew member
The bus will have a second crew member when the rear platform is open. Their role is to supervise the rear platform and to provide passenger assistance, they will not collect fares. When the second crew member is not present the doors will be operated by the driver.

On YouTube you can also find an interesting movie about the new London city buses.

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