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Category: Budget travel

National Express’ super promo

Posted in Budget travel

We just found this press release that National Express has announced a super promotion for this summer.You can travel by coach absolutely anywhere in the UK for just £9 when you book 14 days in advance. With hundreds of exciting places to visit around the UK you're spoilt for choice. The best thing is, they're all on your doorstep when you travel with National Express. You can book your journey ...

Last chance to travel half price!

Posted in Budget travel

With the end of March National Express has introduced a promotion that lets you purchase tickets at half price. In a few days, this promotion ends, co you should consider buying a travel ticket now. Only two days left!People who wish to take this opportunity must purchase the ticket to 8th of May to get the discount. A special discount link will be available for immediate booking through the confi...

An alternative to the Euro Rail Passes

Posted in Budget travel

I did not know what to write on the blog today, probably too much free time does not affect positively the functioning of the brain.But I came up with the idea to write about the Eurolines Pass. I know I've often written about this Eurolines’ product but due to the upcoming summer, you might want to delve into details. What really is a Eurolines Pass? The Eurolines Pass is a touring product en...

Travelling with limited budget

Posted in Budget travel

If you intend to visit Europe you should obtain a special bus-pass. If you are going to be every few days in another European country, and you’ve got a limited amount of money, the Eurolines’ pass will enable you to travel between the 50 largest European cities for a relatively low amount of money. Want to see Europes’ top cities? But you’re on a budget? Click here to buy a special Eurolin...

Family Campaign

Posted in Budget travel

In years gone by family was the hub of the home. Socialising took place within small communities and generations of families lived in close proximity, looking after and learning from one another. Times change though, and it is now a much more common occurrence for families to live apart, having to move for a wealth of reasons and working hard to juggle the everyday tasks; leaving less time availab...

International Campaign

Posted in Budget travel

The level of immigration in the UK has been rising since 2004, it seems the United Kingdom has become a popular place for people to live, work and play. Immigration in the UK is a controversial topic, but there is little doubt that it is happening, and with it comes a greater diversity in British culture and an opportunity to learn from one another. Of course, a larger number of people residing in...

Launch of French inter-regional coach services

Posted in Budget travel

A great news from France. Eurolines France have reported on their website, that they’ll be launching inter-regional coach services in France in the spring this year. France is currently dominated by the railway companies, so far the inter-regional connections are performed only by trains.

More than 500 journey combinations will be possible incorporating mainstream routes and less familiar j...

Student Campaign

Posted in Budget travel offers students the chance to travel to over 50 destinations in the UK from as little as £1 + 50p booking fee! With networks throughout the UK, megabus travels in and out of many popular student destinations, including Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Cambridge, Reading, Oxford, Cardiff and Exeter (amongst many others). It’s a difficult time ...

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