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The level of immigration in the UK has been rising since 2004, it seems the United Kingdom has become a popular place for people to live, work and play.

Immigration in the UK is a controversial topic, but there is little doubt that it is happening, and with it comes a greater diversity in British culture and an opportunity to learn from one another.
Of course, a larger number of people residing in the UK means increased population, higher CO2 emissions and greater congestion in our cities. Therefore, the British transport infrastructure needs to expand, in order to offer commuter and leisure travel at affordable prices for everyone residing in the UK.

With increasing CO2 emissions in mind, the megabus website offers low cost; inter city travel services, available and affordable to all. Their website offers travel prices from as little as £1 + 50p booking fee on many journeys, aiming to encourage the use of public transport around the UK.

Travel options include train, coach and linked coach and train services. Examples include:

  • Preston-Bolton-Manchester- Birmingham- London (megabus)
  • Bristol-Bath-London (megatrain)
  • London-East Midlands Parkway- Bradford- Halifax- Huddersfield ( train and coach)'s values are to provide all UK residents with a low cost travel option and the online format means reduced overheads and savings for passengers.
Fares are priced on availability, so the earlier you book the cheaper the travel!

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