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In years gone by family was the hub of the home. Socialising took place within small communities and generations of families lived in close proximity, looking after and learning from one another. Times change though, and it is now a much more common occurrence for families to live apart, having to move for a wealth of reasons and working hard to juggle the everyday tasks; leaving less time available to socialise and be a part of one anotheres lives.

Bridging the distance to loved ones however, is not insurmountable. It can be seen as an adventure day; an activity day or a get together weekend. 
Taking the time out to visit is crucial in building and maintaining bonds with parents and grandparents, aunties, uncles and further family and friends.

Although distance travelling might be viewed as costly, timely and environmentally unfriendly, it does not have to be.

With you can travel to over 50 destinations from as little as £1 + 50p booking fee.'s network stretches from the highlands of Scotland to south-west England, connecting some of the UK's most popular destinations, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff.

The excitement and pleasure that comes from affordable travel to visit family and friends can be seen in the comments made on after the 2008 promotion of new megatrain routes from Glasgow to Birmingham £2.50 return or £1.50 single"

  • Wooooow absolutely fantastic find thank you!!!! My son wants to go visit his cousin in Preston for a week during the summer and I can get him return train tickets from Glasgow for £2!!
  • I'm getting to see my grandkids as an extra visit for £2.50

With four in ten retired people searching the web and purchasing online megabus' website could be an important bridge in building the gap between online chat with loved ones and physical meetings. After all, there is nothing like a get together to help build and hold onto family traditions.

The website has a simple map function showing journeys that can be made by coach ( and rail ( and also offers inter linked coach and rail journeys ( from London to the midlands, all from as little as £1* and the online format makes searching and booking tickets simple, quick and accessible to everyone, granparents and grandchildren alike! * plus 50p booking fee

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