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Get on the bus or coach

Posted in Travel tips

When travelling by bus or coach you can occasionally experience some inconveniences. Yes, they can be cramped, they can be delayed and sometimes they can be boring and tiring, but long distance coach journeys do have their advantages. Coaches and buses are convenient, because you can travel direct from all major European cities. Coaches and buses are cheap; the bus is the backpacker's saviour. Coa...

How to get from London to Oxford by coach

Posted in Travel tips

London to Oxford is the most popular bus/coach route in the UK, provided by two different coach carriers.The London to Oxford coach route offers a frequent coach service between London Victoria and Oxford Gloucester Green.The most well-known carriers who offer their services on this route are Oxford Espress & Oxford Tube.The Oxford Espress, belongs to the Oxford Bus Company. The coaches are no...

The rules of behavior during a bus/coach journey

Posted in Travel tips

When travel by coach you must respect certain basic rules of conduct. When purchasing a ticket, each passenger is obliged to read and accept the rules of carriage. It contains some important information. Firstly, the bus/coach ticket should be retained for inspection, it mustn’t be destroyed or disposed immediately after presenting it to the driver, because it may be another ticket inspection du...

Do I need a British visa?

Posted in Travel tips

Many people who write to us, ask about visas. Very often they are not sure whether they must have a visa when coming to the UK. If you have any doubts, you're not sure whether you need a visa or not, there is a governmental website, which clearly provides information on the subject. It holds a simple tool, simply specify from which country you are. The tool will give you a clear answer. On this we...

London 2012. Buses and coaches to the Olympic Park. Olympics tickets go on sale!!!

Posted in Travel tips

I think every sports fan is aware of that the next Summer Olympics will take place in London. Date of the event is between 27th July and 12th August 2012. This is not an everyday event, because the Olympics are held every four years and this is a great honor for the city and the country that organizes it. Olympic Committee must approve in advance, the place that claim to organize the Olympics. Eac...

A special journey planner for passengers at the UK's largest coach operator

Posted in Travel tips

So called „Open Jaw” - is National Express’ special  journey planner. But what it enables us to?A lot of tourists and National Express customers have asked me whether it is possible to book a ticket for a journey from point A to B and from point C back to A, in order to avoid two separate bookings?Well... Yes, this option gives National Express carrier. For many people this may be a small a...

Description of the UK's largest coach operator

Posted in Travel tips

National Express is the largest and most popular carrier in the UK. National Express’ vehicles are very specific and it’s impossible not to recognize them from other British carriers’ vehicles. All coaches are white and bear the red and blue logo of the operator. These coaches are very comfortable and suitable for long routes. On some routes the coaches are equipped with Wi-Fi, so passengers...

How can I travel to the royal wedding?

Posted in Travel tips

Travel To The Royal Wedding with Megabus. Don’t miss out on this fantastic UK event.It has been officially announced by the palace, that the Royal Wedding will take place this summer on 29th April 2011. Probably millions of people will watch the wedding ceremony at home. However, we should ask ourselves how often does such a cultural events occur? It is not often - isn’t it?. That’s why we s...

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