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London 2012. Buses and coaches to the Olympic Park. Olympics tickets go on sale!!!

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I think every sports fan is aware of that the next Summer Olympics will take place in London. Date of the event is between 27th July and 12th August 2012. This is not an everyday event, because the Olympics are held every four years and this is a great honor for the city and the country that organizes it. Olympic Committee must approve in advance, the place that claim to organize the Olympics. Each time, a few years earlier. However, the candidate city must demonstrate willingness to improve or adapt existing sports facilities, infrastructure and transportation. It’s not an easy project to accomplish and it’s also very expensive. But as I wrote earlier, this is a very rare honor for the country that can organize the Olympics. One of the biggest problem for the Olympics’ organizers is to adapt public transport.
London has good transport infrastructure, but in the opinion of people using London’s public transport every day, is not the best.
Many carriers have to handle several million inhabitants of the capital, every day and that already is a major challenge. During the Olympics, London and its surroundings will be more crowded than they are now. So this is an amazing effort to efficiently organize everything.
The public coach carrier - National Express has already started selling tickets for the Olympic period.
What ....? 15 months in advance? Yes, because the coach fleet must be adapted to future needs. National Express will have to increase the capacity of their fleet, for this period. It should also be upgraded and adapted to the needs of the disabled.
National Express has launched a special webpage on its website. There you can make the purchase of tickets already for next year. From my own experience I know that it’s difficult to plan something for next year, but I think it worth to buy tickets now.
National Express is going to provide direct connections from the various regions of the UK to the Olympic Park.
If you have not yet decided whether you want to visit London during the Olympics and at the present moment you are hesitating about buying a ticket, you should use a special feature introduced by the carrier on its website. You can set a reminder, and National Express will remind you to buy a ticket.

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