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The rules of behavior during a bus/coach journey

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When travel by coach you must respect certain basic rules of conduct. When purchasing a ticket, each passenger is obliged to read and accept the rules of carriage. It contains some important information.
Firstly, the bus/coach ticket should be retained for inspection, it mustn’t be destroyed or disposed immediately after presenting it to the driver, because it may be another ticket inspection during the journey. Secondly, important during the trip is to follow the safety rules. It’s not recommended; to walk on the bus/coach while vehicle is in motion, blocking the passage, etc.
The driver should have convenient conditions for a safe ride. You can’t distract or amuse him/her, while driving or while checking or selling tickets.
Unfortunately, not all passengers are aware of the existence of such rules, and ignorance of basic safety rules may harm all participants of the route and lead to unpleasant or even dangerous situation. The driver should play a big role here, instructing passengers how to behave and if a bus is equipped with safety belts, to require the passengers wear them.

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