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Isilines - new long-distance coach operator in France

Posted in Industry news

Isilines - new long-distance coach operator in France

We have a great info for you dear EB blog readers. Europe opens up to the coaches :) This time France has a new low-cost coach operator. Transdev launches its new long-distance bus service in France named Isilines.The liberalization of long-distance passenger transport in France is an important issue that will improve mobility in this country, complementing existing means of transport and proposing more accessible tariffs. Transdev intends naturally have its place in France. Transdev is a leading long-distance coach passenger transportation company in Europe its also a par...

Eurolines France launches 6 national coach connections - details

Posted in Industry news

Today I want to go back to yesterday's topic, namely the Eurolines’ newly opened national connections in France. Eurolines’ FR spokesman announced last Tuesday, the opening of the first six interregional coach services.The carrier has announced plans to launch more than 500 connections between the French provinces already on 10th February, but this was only possible after amending the Act on passenger transport.The project implementation of this Act, which allows the transport of passengers between regions by coaches, was published in November 2010 and introduced in Jan...

Eurolines France launches 6 national coach connections

Posted in Industry news

Few months after the announcement, Eurolines finally received permission to conduct the national transport. As you know, so far SNSF is a monopolist on the French market for passenger transport. (SNCF - French Railways). This could not be changed without the approval of the government. Erolines France in the past already announced its intention to launch these connections, however, they encountered many problems, especially from the government and obtaining a license for the route.Currently Eurolines runs six routes at very attractive prices, in the future Eurolines intends...

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