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Eurolines France launches 6 national coach connections - details

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Today I want to go back to yesterday's topic, namely the Eurolines’ newly opened national connections in France.
Eurolines’ FR spokesman announced last Tuesday, the opening of the first six interregional coach services.
The carrier has announced plans to launch more than 500 connections between the French provinces already on 10th February, but this was only possible after amending the Act on passenger transport.
The project implementation of this Act, which allows the transport of passengers between regions by coaches, was published in November 2010 and introduced in January 2011.

However, initial Eurolines’ plans didn’t come true and the operator has decided to open only six domestic routes instead of 500. Eurolines has introduced a connections between: Caen-Paris, Rouen-Paris, Rennes-Paris, Rennes-Rouen, Nantes-Paris,  Angers-Paris. Fares cost from 8 Euros to 22 Euros.
Unfortunately, Eurolines hasn’t entered into service additional coaches to these links, as space will be drawn from the available stock of unsold existing international services, which has a fill rate of between 60 and 70%.

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