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Eurolines France launches 6 national coach connections

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Few months after the announcement, Eurolines finally received permission to conduct the national transport. As you know, so far SNSF is a monopolist on the French market for passenger transport. (SNCF - French Railways). This could not be changed without the approval of the government. Erolines France in the past already announced its intention to launch these connections, however, they encountered many problems, especially from the government and obtaining a license for the route.
Currently Eurolines runs six routes at very attractive prices, in the future Eurolines intends to introduce a richer network of connections, especially from Paris to the south of the country.

Six new Eurolines’ routes within France;

From Caen to Paris : fares from 15 €  
From Rouen to Paris : fares from 8 €
From Rennes to Paris : fares from 24 €
From Rennes to Rouen : fares from 19 €
From Nantes to Paris : fares from 22 €
From Angers to Paris : fares from 17 €

Passengers can buy tickets from Eurolines outlets in France, by telephone and of course online.

Bookings can be made here, you will be redirected to the French Eurolines’ journey planner. Select your language from the top right box, then select national connections. It’s simple.

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