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Important information regarding Eurolines, Megabus, iDBUS

Posted in Industry news

Eurolines, Megabus and iDBUS are now leading and the most popular operators using London Victoria Coach Station as their place of departure. Due to the growing number of routes all carriers have made some necessary changes. All operators had used bay No.19 at London VCS, now coaches will depart from bays 13 to 20. This information will be presented on electronic displays and information can be obtained from the stations’ attendants. This information also applies to companies cooperating with

Mini Travel Prices – Even in the School Holidays!

Posted in Vacation planning

Mini Travel Prices – Even in the School Holidays!

The summer holidays are nearly upon us again and it looks as though the weather here in the UK is going to be temperamental at best. Most people like to try to get away from the gloomy weather and treat themselves to a holiday abroad during the summer months – but the prices of going abroad are usually prohibitively high during school holiday periods. The school holidays typically run from the end of July to the beginning of September, so if you want a holiday during that time you are likely to have to pay premium prices for your trip. However, thankfully there is stil...

Travelling in a group? Book 4 seats and get the 4th one free at Eurolines UK

Posted in Budget travel

Travelling in a group? Book 4 seats and get the 4th one free at Eurolines UK

Need to get away? Discover how to save some money on your next international journey. At book four seats and get the fourth for free. The offer is also available via Simply enter your details into the journey planner and you will automatically be offered the best fare (the cheapest fare will always be listed first in the ‘fares available‘ returned by your journey search). That's the best such deal we've seen at Eurolines UK and that's not all, because this deal is dedicated to group travel. So each group of 4 or more travellin...

IDBUS - Meet the new carrier

Posted in New coach services

SNCF launches its 1st coach service IDBUS. Re-inventing long-distance coach travel On the 23rd of July SNCF is launching iDBUS, a truly innovative travel initiative designed to reinvent long distance coach travel in Europe. IDBUS will offer a new model of high quality coach travel, operating long distance journeys
departing from London to Paris as well as from Paris and Lille to Northern Europe. This offer will be different to anything else on the market and is designed to meet the increasing and changing demands for sustainable and affordable travel in Europe. It's time to change peoples perception of coach travel Building on excellent facilities at well connected stations such as London’s Victoria Coach Station and the Bercy Train Station in Paris, iDBUS offers exceptional levels of on board comfort, service and safety. As well as the obligatory toilets and air conditioning the brand new vehicles will have free Internet access, electric plug points, reclining and laterally movable seating, adjustable footrests, tables for laptops and tablet devices, individual lighting and two 19 inch TV screens. Customers will be provided with real time information before, during and after the journey using the very latest tracking and information technology. iDBUS’ handpicked drivers have received an intensive training programme in safety and customer service and at some designated stations additional iDBUS staff will be on hand to provide help with luggage and information. The fully trained drivers, known as the ‘Captains’ onboard, speak both English and French. The safety features of the vehicles are very impressive with all the coaches fitted with three point seat belts and the most advanced vehicle safety systems to support iDBUS drivers. All our vehicles are fully accessible to mobility impaired customers with automated wheelchair lifts giving access to a reservable wheelchair space. Easy booking by internet or by phone Customers can chose exactly which seat they would like on iDBUS to avoid a rush to find seats together for friends or family. Tickets can be purchased on the easy-to-use website as well as by telephone from the iDBUS Call Centre (0844 369 0 379 - 5p/min. plus network extras) which is open Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 21:00, from the 11th July.

Over 30% discount at Eurolines, cheaper tickets during the Olympics

Posted in Budget travel

Over 30% discount at Eurolines, cheaper tickets during the Olympics

For the duration of the Olympics in London, Eurolines has made cuts in ticket prices for services from London to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and few other cities. Go to Tickets will be available at prices ranging from just £35 one way or £66 return between 27 July and 13 August - up to a third off the standard price. John Gilbert, Managing Director Eurolines UK, said: This is an exciting time for Britain but inevitably there will also be people keen to escape the summer of sport.  We always offer a wide range of low value fares for people booking in advance but this month we're also reducing our last minute fares to Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels by up to a third to allow people to take a spontaneous bargain break abroad.

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