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NX and Eurolines UK now accept PayPal for booking payments

Posted in Industry news

NX and Eurolines UK now accept PayPal for booking payments

Booking and paying for your coach service on or is both simple and secure. This section gives you more information regarding your payment options. National Express & Eurolines UK offer the option to pay via PayPal In order to provide an even better booking service on or, they have extended their online payment options to include PayPal. This simple and secure payment procedure is directly integrated into the booking process. Whichever online payment method you choose for your online booking, ther...

Eurolines tickets to the Czech Republic now two ways of booking

Posted in Europebus news

For a wider choice and better offers EuropeBus advises you to use both journey planners (booking systems) before your coach journey to the Czech Republic. Regardless of the choice you make, it is the same Eurolines coach service. Clients on the UK - Czech Republic lines will get free water and newspapers and wide range of magazines. The first journey planner below is provided by British Eurolines and the second one is provided by Eurolines in the Czech Republic. After completing the data you will be redirected to the appropriate website. Of course the British websit...

Main Eurolines website will change!

Posted in Industry news

Not so long ago we wrote about some deficiencies of Eurolines existing website, which is the main website of the Eurolines organization. More here. Surprisingly, the biggest Europe’s coach carrier, has the most inefficient website. It is known that nowadays a website is something like a business card and „represents” the entire company, and if this website has been created with the intention of exerting a good impression on a potential client, this case we’ve got a conflict of interest. But this is going to change for better in the near future, exactly in...

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