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NX and Eurolines UK now accept PayPal for booking payments

Posted in Industry news

Booking and paying for your coach service on or is both simple and secure. This section gives you more information regarding your payment options.

National Express & Eurolines UK offer the option to pay via PayPal

In order to provide an even better booking service on or, they have extended their online payment options to include PayPal. This simple and secure payment procedure is directly integrated into the booking process.

Whichever online payment method you choose for your online booking, there are many options to choose from on & The new, innovative PayPal payment extends the current range, and gives you even more flexibility when deciding how to pay.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment service by which you can make secure and convenient online transactions. You can pay for your online bookings or online purchases via PayPal and the amount is immediately credited to the vendor. To use this method of payment, you must register with your personal and account details; registration is free.

What must I do to be able to pay with PayPal on or

When you select the payment method “PayPal” on or, you will be redirected straight to the PayPal website. After completing payment you are directed back to the National Express or Eurolines UK page so that you can complete the booking process.

Please note that payment with PayPal is only available in countries supported by PayPal.

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