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Travelling by Coach Can Save Money and...

Posted in Travel tips

In recent times you may see more interest in long-distance coach transport. At first the trend has been only seen in America, but transport habits are also changing in the UK and continental Europe.Due to the prevailing economic crisis, people are now looking for low-cost alternatives, also in passenger transport. Providers of these services started to adapt their products to the requirements of passengers (or rather to the current financial capabilities of average passenger). The real breakthrough occurred in intercity bus and coach transport, just because of this.It was n...

Eurolines tickets to the Czech Republic now two ways of booking

Posted in Europebus news

For a wider choice and better offers EuropeBus advises you to use both journey planners (booking systems) before your coach journey to the Czech Republic. Regardless of the choice you make, it is the same Eurolines coach service. Clients on the UK - Czech Republic lines will get free water and newspapers and wide range of magazines. The first journey planner below is provided by British Eurolines and the second one is provided by Eurolines in the Czech Republic. After completing the data you will be redirected to the appropriate website. Of course the British websit...

From 23rd May 2011 more national bus/coach routes and improved timetable

Posted in Industry news

Brand new services added to timetable Five new locations to be served by Tickets available now for even more budget travel links across the UK Stagecoach Group confirmed that it is expanding its budget transport services to offer low-cost travel between even more locations across the UK. Stagecoach Group has announced a fantastic change in the timetables of its subsidiaries - Megabus and Megabusplus. It is possible that Stagecoach has reacted in this way due to the sudden introduction of 25% discount by National Express (more info here).me...

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