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Sindbad-Eurobus makes small changes to the existing UK - Poland route

Posted in Industry news

Sindbad-Eurobus makes small changes to the existing UK - Poland route

EuropeBus kindly informs you that; The Sindbad-Eurobus coach operator has changed its stop location in Gloucester. The new location is the Market Parade, the bay opposite the Bus Station. The stop site is located approx. 100 meters from the previous stop of the carrier. The carrier has also changed its stop in Chester. The new stop is located at the Bus Interchange, Gorse Stacks. This new stop is about 700 meters from our current stop. This change concerns the change of departure time from Taunton. The change only affects the time of departure from Taunton to Poland. T...

London Victoria Coach Station - now on Youtube

Posted in Travel tips

As you know Victoria Coach Station is London's largest hub for intercity and international coach services. It handles more than 200,000 coach departures a year, carrying 10 million passengers. The main coach operators are the domestic services National Express and Megabus, and the European coach service Eurolines. Some people forgo travel by coach, in spite of it is much cheaper than travel by train, because they don’t know the layout of the station. Now, thanks to several recordings, you can see how London Victoria Coach Station looks like. Check the videos below. Victor...

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