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Changes to the Sindbad-Eurobus timetable

Posted in Industry news

Changes to the Sindbad-Eurobus timetable

Changes to the Sindbad-Eurobus timetableFrom 2nd October 2017, the coach operator Sindbad-Eurobus introduces changes to its timetable.Changes to departure and arrival times on routes to/from the UK have already been entered into the journey planner. New departures and arrivals vary considerably in some cases. The journey time was shortened, however, in some cases the travel time is significantly longer.The carrier from October also extends now the existing range of stops, enables the customers to travel to nearly 100 cities in Britain.All passengers travelling to/from the U...

The Poles leave Britain

Posted in Europebus news

The Poles leave Britain

If you are planning to travel to Poland from Britain or vice versa, taking an intercity coach is maybe not the first thing which comes to your mind, unless you are on a budget than taking the coach is for sure something to consider. However, before making your purchase, you need to consider the following facts:The current bus/coach operators like Sindbad-Eurobus, offer transportation from most cities/towns in the UK to not only big and well-known cities in Poland such as Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk or Lodz but also to about 200 other smaller towns and cities. The traveli...

National Express expands cooperation with Sindbad

If you are travelling from the UK to Poland or in the opposite direction, you have the opportunity to go with one of the biggest Eastern European scheduled bus lines namely Sindbad-Eurobus. The carrier operates the coach lines which travels overnight up to seven days a week all year long. As you probably recall, a few months ago two Polish biggest international coach carriers; Sindbad and Eurobus joined forces. This process helped to converge their two separate transport services from Poland to the UK into one. The company teamed up with the British National Express and ...

Sindbad's Christmas Promotion

Posted in Bargain travel

Sindbad's Christmas Promotion

Sindbad again is offering cheap tickets to Great Britain for this Christmas. Amazingly when all air operators increase to a maximum tickets before Christmas, Sindbad reduces their prices to a minimum in a special promotion. The return ticket will cost only 399 PLN, or about 70 GBP. Sindbad is one of the largest Polish companies in the long-distance coach traffic. Sindbad transports a million passengers annually. You can reserve seats in advance on the internet. Like Eurolines, Sindbad is a coalition of independant coach companies that operate under one brand name. S...

Sindbad customer review

Posted in Travel tips

It's 29th July 2015, a very nice and warm day. Today I become an envoy for the This time I decided to travel by the most famous among Poles living in the UK coach operator to their homeland - Sindbad. I will be travelling from Northampton (East Midlands) to Pila (Wielkopolskie). My job is to check and experience the service that Sindbad provides. It’s about twenty after noon. Until the arrival of my coach I have about twenty minutes. The stop in Northampton is a special bus bay meant for National Express coaches and other long-distance and tour operators....

Travelling to Poland? Importnat changes will be introducing Eurolines, Agat & Sindbad.

Posted in Industry news

For Eurolines, Agat & Sindbad users In connection with the reconstruction of the existing bus station located at Sucha Street in Wroclaw, from April 8th 2015, all operators will use the Temporary Bus Station which is located at a new location: Wroclaw - Temporary Bus Station, ul. Joannitow 13.The new station is located approximately 200 meters away from the existing bus station and is located behind the PKP building, between Sucha a Dyrekcyjna Street. The temporary station is equipped to handle passengers and bus/coach traffic.The new location of the embarkation and di...

Go to the UK from £79 return this Christmas

Posted in Budget travel

Go to the UK from £79 return this Christmas

Dear readers, EuropeBus is pleased to inform you about a special offer for travel during the Christmas and New Year with Sindbad. Tickets are already on sale, the conditions can be found below. The promotional tickets can be purchased for 399 PLN or £79, but the promotion applies only to journeys from Poland to the UK.So if you want to invite a family member or friend to Britain to spend Christmas holidays together, do not wait and buy a ticket now. T&Cs: The promo tickets are available for journeys on: 10th December / Wednesday /, 15th December / Monday /, 17...

British low-cost carrier wants to conquer Poland

Posted in New coach services

Long-distance coach travel in Poland  for 1PLN + 1PLN booking fee. Sounds familiar?Is going to be a revolution in the Polish passenger coach transportation market. From 19th June 2011 well-known in the UK transport group launches its operations in Poland under a new brand - PolskiBus (PolishBus). PolskiBus belongs to a British transport company Stagecoach, which offers its services at very attractive prices. PolskiBus is the equivalent of well-known British Megabus, the carrier offers tickets for domestic travel at prices from £1+50p booking fee. Does this mean that Poles...

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