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What's going on at Megabus?

Posted in Industry news

What's going on at Megabus?

Go to to check current timetable and prices and book a ticket for your journey. I think they do quite well. The carrier has recently announced two good news. One concerns the purchase of new vehicles, the second information relates to a special promotion that the carrier gives. Megabus gets a brand new coaches The 15metre-long vehicles are being made by Scottish manufacturer Alexander Dennis. Each new Megabus coach will have 75 seats so it is over 20% extra capacity and more luggage space. They will run on Stagecoach's Megabus network in Scotland and England,...

Luxury vehicles launched

Posted in Industry news

Stagecoach Bluebird and East Scotland passengers are to benefit after the companies invested £3.4 million in 15 brand new vehicles.Bluebird and Strathtay recently unveiled an investment of £1.4 million in six new luxury coaches in a major boost for public transport in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Dundee.In addition, Bluebird has also spent a further £2 million on nine new coaches for Aberdeenshire. Andrew Jarvis, Managing Director of Stagecoach Bluebird, said: The new vehicles are fitted with the latest ‘green’ engines so offer a greener, smarter travel opt...

British low-cost carrier wants to conquer Poland

Posted in New coach services

Long-distance coach travel in Poland  for 1PLN + 1PLN booking fee. Sounds familiar?Is going to be a revolution in the Polish passenger coach transportation market. From 19th June 2011 well-known in the UK transport group launches its operations in Poland under a new brand - PolskiBus (PolishBus). PolskiBus belongs to a British transport company Stagecoach, which offers its services at very attractive prices. PolskiBus is the equivalent of well-known British Megabus, the carrier offers tickets for domestic travel at prices from £1+50p booking fee. Does this mean that Poles...

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