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Exciting news from Megabus

Posted in Industry news

Exciting news from Megabus

The operator of low cost international coach services - Megabus, has announced the opening of its first European base in Belgium (close to Brussels) from which a new network of services in the Benelux region and in France will be launched. New services will serve Brussels with Lille, Luxembourg and Rotterdam, offering fares from €1 (+ 50 c booking fee). The new connections will operate from 6th October. The significant growth in the popularity of long distance low-cost coach travel in Europe convinced market-leading operator Megabus to expand its operations in continen...

Main Eurolines website will change!

Posted in Industry news

Not so long ago we wrote about some deficiencies of Eurolines existing website, which is the main website of the Eurolines organization. More here. Surprisingly, the biggest Europe’s coach carrier, has the most inefficient website. It is known that nowadays a website is something like a business card and „represents” the entire company, and if this website has been created with the intention of exerting a good impression on a potential client, this case we’ve got a conflict of interest. But this is going to change for better in the near future, exactly in...

A few suggestions where to go during the summer

Posted in Vacation planning

Summer in Europe is a very interesting period, not only because of the beautiful weather, but because of the numerous cultural events.Most people staying in their homes while they are on leave. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, because they worked hard all year round. Unfortunately, most of us are choosing this option very often. However, if we exclude fatigue as an excuse to stay in the house during the summer, it sometimes turns out that we do not know what really to do with ourselves as it comes to leave. So now we should think about something interesting, and ...

New summer international timetable

Posted in Vacation planning

Eurolines UK has introduced a summer timetable. The new timetable is valid between 1 April and 31 October 2011. When Eurolines timetable changes you can expect a variety of surprises. Sometimes they're good and sometimes really disturbing. Now 10 daily services from London to Paris during summer peak time. A total of 6 daily services to Amsterdam during the summer peak, including two daytime and an additional night time service. 7 daily services to Brussels during the summer peak including a new service calling en route at Calais and Dunkerque. Daily services to Vienn...

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