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Archive: March 2011

Visit Britain with UK's low cost coach operator

Posted in Vacation planning are offering passengers the chance to visit Britain for less!With travel prices to popular UK destinations starting from as little as £1 + 50p booking fee there has never been a better time to get away in the UK!With so many things to see and do in the United Kingdom it’s no wonder residents made approximately 117 million domestic trips last year. Citing a desire to increase knowledge of the country, visit the great British sights (and avoid that dreaded exchange rate) UK residents boosted the tourism industry by 14% (increase in domestic travel) in the firs...

Coach travel & Comfort

Posted in Travel tips

Modern coaches today are well-equipped, offering many amenities to ensure that the comfort and wishes of every passenger are met. Depending on the coach carrier, long-distance vehicles are equipped with the following amenities: Air conditioning Extra space between seats Sleeper seats Individual lighting and ventilation controls Toilet/washbasin On-board kitchen Wardrobe DVD/TV/Audio Telephone Passenger information system and much more Many of the European routes also have stewards to serve food and drink to passengers during their coach journey. Stewards p...

Coach Safety

Posted in Travel tips

Usually we - the passengers, prior to the journey have a lot of things to do and to remember e.g. tickets, documents, luggage... We’ve got pre-travel excitement and we wonder what to take on a journey. But what is or what should be really important? What should every passenger remember and what should be guaranteed for travellers when they’re travelling by coach? The answer is simple: safety!For your comfort and safety you should watch this short video, which was published by the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK. ...

Before you go on the journey

Posted in Travel tips

For long-distance travel you need to be well prepared. It doesn't matter what transport you choose, whether it be a car, a bus, or a train. Before the journey you must take certain steps to ensure that this trip won't become a nightmare for you. The travellers's age isn't that important, because a baby reacts to the stodgy snack like an adult human body.
What should you eat when going on a trip? Here are some practical tips and tricks.

Let's start with food. Instead of greasy chips or snacks prepare sandwiches. Small sandwiches should be wrapped in paper or aluminum foil. Additionally, you can pack sandwiches in a lunchbox, so that prepared food won't take too much space in your bag and won't make the rest of your luggages dirty. If sandwiches are made with your favorite ingredients, they will always be tasty. It's best to prepare sandwiches with cheese and cucumber. If you use public means of transport, the ham's smell from the sandwiches (especially in summer) is very intense and rapidly spreads through the train or bus and this isn't a pleasant experience for other travellers. During the journey, you can also eat rice cakes, corn crisps or sweets (fruit or mint-flavoared) or chewing gum. You can also take fruits, please be aware that they shouldn't be too juicy. The best fruits for travel are: bananas or apples.

The best drink is bottled water. It doesn't cause any stomach problems. It's not sweet or salty, with the result that after drinking you won't feel even more thirsty.

Despite all the security, you should take plastic or paper bags. On the road anything can happen and they may be needed. You should also take a damp cloth or a special wet wipes for cleaning hands.

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