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Over 30% discount at Eurolines, cheaper tickets during the Olympics

Posted in Budget travel

Over 30% discount at Eurolines, cheaper tickets during the Olympics

For the duration of the Olympics in London, Eurolines has made cuts in ticket prices for services from London to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and few other cities. Go to Tickets will be available at prices ranging from just £35 one way or £66 return between 27 July and 13 August - up to a third off the standard price. John Gilbert, Managing Director Eurolines UK, said: This is an exciting time for Britain but inevitably there will also be people keen to escape the summer of sport.  We always offer a wide range of low value fares for people booking in advance but this month we're also reducing our last minute fares to Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels by up to a third to allow people to take a spontaneous bargain break abroad.

Eurolines has announced a new cheap service from the UK to Poland

Posted in Budget travel

From 11th May 2012, will begin to operate services from London to Poland with three services per week in each direction. In periods of increased tourist traffic additional coach services will be conducted. So far Eurolines has offered an afternoon connection from London to Poland, now this will change, the departure from London will occur at 7:30 in the morning. This will be the earliest time of coach departure towards Poland, among all the available carriers. 
In addition, a special new fare was introduced. This is a permanent offer for this service, but ...

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