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British low-cost carrier wants to conquer Poland

Posted in New coach services

Long-distance coach travel in Poland  for 1PLN + 1PLN booking fee. Sounds familiar?

Is going to be a revolution in the Polish passenger coach transportation market. From 19th June 2011 well-known in the UK transport group launches its operations in Poland under a new brand - PolskiBus (PolishBus). PolskiBus belongs to a British transport company Stagecoach, which offers its services at very attractive prices. PolskiBus is the equivalent of well-known British Megabus, the carrier offers tickets for domestic travel at prices from £1+50p booking fee. Does this mean that Poles will be able to travel cheaply around the country by new PolskiBus’ coach services than by rail or currently existing bus and coach services? website is not yet fully activated. We know that today is to be its official launch. Entering the Polish market of a new coach transport company offering cheap tickets for travel will be serious competition not only for other bus companies, but also for airlines and railways.

From the PolskiBus’s cheap ticket reservation system you can think that the first few seats are sold at very low prices. As time passed the availability of price increases. In Poland, the system will probably work in a similar way. PolskiBus’ coaches will operate between the major Polish cities, including Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Szczecin, Poznan, Lodz, etc. It is possible that PolskiBus will also operate beyond the borders of other countries, for example to Germany or the Czech Republic. It will be a unique amenity for passengers who use low-cost airlines flying from Polish cities and from abroad.

Just to clarify:
Poland also uses separate terms for bus and coach
Bus - Autobus
Coach - Autokar
Van - Bus
So, Stagecoach, should use the name of PolskiAutokar :-)

PolskiBus’s website and short promo movie:

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