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Eurolines and Postbus are teaming up in Germany. More destinations for us?

Posted in Industry news

Postbus and Eurolines in Germany agreed on cooperation. Does this mean that thanks to the cooperation we will have more destinations in Germany? Currently we can not give you a definite answer but the logic makes us think that destinations which have been supported so far by Postbus will be added to the Eurolines’ network. Thanks to cooperation Postbus’ customers will be able to travel to the remotest places of Europe.

For travellers it is only an inexpensive way to travel, but presently coach companies are fighting hard for survival in Germany and other European countries: The competitive pressure on the long-distance coach travel is high, so this is why the two companies are now planning a collaboration.

Postbus and Eurolines link their route networks. Postbus customers will reach 16 additional European destinations, when Eurolines’ customers will have 200 new destinations to choose from.

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