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Have you already checked the new Eurolines summer timetable? Part 1

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The new edition of the Eurolines summer timetable already started to work and contains new routes as well new destinations. Eurolines offers regular services to Europe on air-conditioned coaches with reclining seats, comfortable legroom and onboard toilets.

On the 1st April 2015 Eurolines published their new schedule for the summer. Visit our webiste and/or home page and check all the details. The carrier already released new brochures and there are available online as PDFs here: If you are having trouble with the reading the brochures, please have a look to our website.

Enjoy your journey with Eurolines this summer!

Here are some details (not all) on the new schedule:

  • The Eurolines services to Bulgaria and Serbia do not change and should be retained.
  • Romania does not change until early May. The timetable for that will be forthcoming shortly.
  • The Eurolines connection to Poland is unchanged at the moment, but the new schedule may occur in June
  • The timetable for Spain and Portugal remains unchanged until early June but the changes thereafter will be presented very shortly.
  • The service to Latvia has an extra stop at Bauska, as well the trip from London to Riga in the new schedule will be 30 minutes shorter.
  • The service to Croatia will have additional stops in Dubrovnik, Metkovic, Ploce, Mekarska, Pula, Rovinj and Porec. So this summer we can travel to the most beautiful places in Croatia for little money.
  • This summer a new timetable has been proposed for the 162 Eurolines service to the Czech Republic. Despite the changes Eurolines still allows you travelling to Prague, Brno, Usti nad Lebn and Pilsen.
  • Unfortunately, this summer we won’t be able to travel from London to Kiel and Lubeck with Eurolines.
  • There is a new early morning service with the number 164 from London to Cologne and Dusseldorf.
  • Time travel is shorter between London and Frankfurt (about 45 minutes) and Munich (about 75 mins) with the Eurolines 165 service.

More details in the second part soon in our blog

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