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Have you already checked the new Eurolines summer timetable? Part 2

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Today EuropeBus is presenting more details on the Eurolines summer timetable. This is the second part, last week we have already described some of the changes introduced by the carrier. You can read it in Part 1

Every summer the operator’s offer expands, coaches run frequently, sometimes allowing the transportation even several times per day. The changes to the Eurolines timetable were introduced on April 1st. Connections to certain countries remained unchanged.

Here are the rest of the changes made by Eurolines in the new schedule:

  • Chambery, France no longer possible,
  • More services to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam,
  • Additional service to Disneyland® Paris, and minor-minute changes in the existing services,
  • Additional service between London and Dublin, but it is a subject to approval of UK and Irish authorieties. The service ill have additional stops in Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester.
  • Travel time from London to Turin and Milan shorter by 45 minutes with the 152/128 service.
  • A very important information applies to the Eurolines bus station in Amsterdam. The former stop on the Amstel Station has been replaced by a new one. The new station is located in Amsterdam next to the Duivendrecht Rail Station, Stand 3.
  • We've got a very good news for frequent travelers to northern Germany. The coach service from London to Hamburg, Flensburg, Bremen and Oldenburg has changed and in the new schedule passengers will be able to travel by the Eurolines Business Class service. The Eurolines Business Class service offers free; WiFi connection, 220 V power sockets, newspapers, magazines, 0.5l bottle of water.

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