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National Express has introduced major changes. Check it out directly on the carrier's website

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A lot is happening now at the UK's number one coach and bus company;

Find out about the changes directly from the carrier's website ➤➤➤ Visit Nat Exp

The carrier adapts its timetables to the real needs of passengers and introduces new routes. The FunFares (tickets at a great price) are available almost all year round, even in the sister company Eurolines. National Express is also present on Facebook and Twitter, but its presence is a little bit different than others. For example on Twitter the carrier has two accounts;

  • @nationalexpress - This account is about offers and events related to National Express
  • @nxcare - This account provides an easy way to communicate with the carrier’s customer service
  • We can even say that there is a third NE’s Twitter account, which is assigned to Mr Andrew Cleaves who is the National Express' Managing Director, @NX_MD

The biggest changes have occurred in the past month at First we noticed a new look and layout of the National Express’s website. The new website had been working just for a few days, and then the old look and layout has returned. Surely something will change in the near future. Perhaps they were testing it before the permanent launching.

But that's not all, without any announcements National Express has released its magnificent and modern application named the Coach Tracker.

National Express Coach Tracker

What you can do with the Coach Tracker?

  • Check if your coach is on time
  • See when a coach is due to arrive at any station or stop
  • Quickly check for an earlier or later departure should you need to change your plans at the last minute

It is available in different ways, you can use it via computers, tablets and smart phones, so you can track your coach in real-time, anytime, anywhere.
Coach Tracker will display live updates of where your coach currently is and when it's likely to arrive at your stop or reach its destination. You can even view your coach on a map so you're kept fully up-to-date on your journey's progress.

Try The Coach Tracker Now

In terms of new innovations from National Express, the carrier offers free WiFi on board selected coaches. This feature is most commonly found on board the newer Caetano Levante fleet.

National Express has also introduced a new booking engine. Now the NE and Eurolines icons are visible during booking processes, furthermore if you book a ticket for a service that is operated via a 3rd party this is now clearly stated on your email.

National Express booking tool

AND, National Express has relaunched the Young Persons, Senior and Disabled Coach Cards. You can get 1 up to a 1/3 off for just £10 a year. Great offers when you go by Coach, buy your discount card at

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