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Bus across the river ... without a bridge. Glasgow’s amphibious bus testing

Posted in Industry news

In Glasgow the tests are carried out with the amphibious bus, which is able to overcome a river. This will be the world's first such transport solution. Renfrew for 500 years has benefited from the ferry, which will however be closed as unprofitable. Renfrew (Rinn Friù in Scottish Gaelic) is a town located 6 miles (9.7 km) west of Glasgow in the west central Lowlands of Scotland, close to Glasgow’s airport.

In its place is to be introduced an entirely new means of transportation, city bus, able to slide down the ramp into the water, cross the river, leave the other side and and continue to travel on local roads.

Unfortunately, during the trial, the bus experienced failure of the landing gear, but it has been decision of continuing a trial period. Stagecoachs’ managers ensure that the design of amphibious bus is flawless. According to their opinion, the designers the designers must improve the potholes ramps.

These new Dutch vehicles cost more than 800 thousand GBP apiece, are able to take 50 passengers, and after rolling off the water flow at speeds up to 15 km/h. These vehicles are powered by jet stream of water. So far, they were used only as a tourist attraction, but never in a regular public transport.

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