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Experience first-class coach travel from London to Romania - get on to Eurolines new comfortable coaches

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Do you travel between the United Kingdom and Romania with Eurolines? Now the coach journey will be much more pleasant. Romanian branch of Eurolines has purchased eight new coaches and three additional vehicles will supply the carrier’s fleet in the coming months.

The Eurolines’ leading contractor in Romania - Rombus Transport has decided to purchase Scania Beulas coaches, the Glory model. The eight coaches were ordered in December 2013 and been manufactured since February 2014. The production of these eight vehicles was completed in June this year. The coaches have ecological Euro 5 engines and are built on the Scania’s chassis which are constructed in Sweden. The body - Beulas is a Spanish project, but been fully configured under the specification of Eurolines Group.

But that is not all, with the new coaches a new concept of travelling has been introduced.
The new Eurolines coaches will have two levels of service; economy and business classes. Eight front seats are designed for the 'business', which main features are; more legroom for a higher degree of comfort, individual 220 V power sockets, the seats are equipped with a unique entertainment system.
In general all passengers will benefit from the following amenities: Wi-Fi, 220 V power sockets, GPS route tracking for customers, sandwiches, sweets, hot and cold drinks. 

The new Scania Beulas Glory coaches will run initially to Germany and will be introduced to other destinations too. Prices for the „business” seats are up to 10% higher than the economy.

So now after the interchange in Cologne you can expect one of the new Scania Beulas Glory coaches. For more details please visit our dedicated page Romania

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Watch the videos below and see the new coaches

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