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Travelling to Poland? Sindbad tempts with new coaches and onboard Wi-Fi

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Sindbad recently announced that in Setra Client-Center in Neu-Ulm, Germany, they have received eight brand new vehicles, that will  carry the passangers of the Sindbad Platform.

Information on purchased coaches.
New purchase consists of comfortable and equipped with newest security systems Setra coaches. The expansion of Sindbad's fleet with brand new vehicles proofs the highest standard of travel they offer to their passangers. New coaches are: three Setra S 517 HD coaches, two Setra S 515 HD coaches and three Setra 516 HD/2 coaches.

During the stay in Neu-Ulm, all Sinbads’ drivers attended a special seminar concernig eco-driving techniques, emphasising the use of PowerShift transmission.
Large fleet investments mean expanding the number of seats for Sindbad passangers with 434 new comfortable places to sit.

There is one more amenity. Sindbad ended the process of equipping their entire fleet with Wi-Fi routers, that all passengers can use for free while travelling devices that require access to the internet.

It is worth noting that in general the scale of recent Sindbads’ investments is really impressive. Only in the last three years (2012-2014) Sindbad have strengthened their fleet up to 70 new coaches and it's all brand new Setras.

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Jay vasava

Poor service, toilet is not working no one replying why, wifi is not working no one care about anything they are just busy to collect money for coffee and tea, that's pretty bad service at all. They are just ignoring.

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