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New Eurolines Timetable for the summer season 2013

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After a long break due to a new occupation I have updated some timetables at Unfortunately this new job takes me a lot of time and unfortunately I am not able to carry out updates soon after the changes are made, which quite often these days introduce carriers.
At the moment I have changed only the Eurolines’ timetables. During this weekend and next week I'm going to update timetables for other countries, where connections are combined (by two different carriers or an other carrier which is offering better coach service). I'm sorry for the delay.

A few details about the new timetable introduced by Eurolines you can find below.

The key destinations

  • Paris Daytime – Four times per day at 08:00, 09:00*, 10:00 and 12:00. Two extra departures for the high season.
  • Paris Night time – Twice per night with a third at Easter and from Spring Bank holiday until end of September.

(Up to 9 times daily)

  • Amsterdam Daytime – Two per day. Third faster service at weekends in July and August.
  • Amsterdam Night time – Twice per night with a third (express service) at Easter and from Spring Bank holiday until end of September.

(Up to 6 times daily)

  • Brussels Daytime –Three or four departures per day. Bespoke operates weekends year round and daily at peaks.
  • Brussels Night time - Two per day. Third faster bespoke service at Easter and from Spring Bank holiday until end of September.

(Up to 7 times daily)

* = Weekends only outside of the high season

Changes to London to Amsterdam (Netherlands), London to Brussels (Belgium) & London to Paris, Lille, Calais fares

  • Due to increased competition from direct and indirect competitors Eurolines UK is changing Its fare strategy for Paris, Amsterdam & Brussels and a few others
  • Timetables are published with a ‘from one-way fare only’
  • Fares have changed by day and departure based on demand
  • No longer based on ‘when you book’ but ‘when you travel’
  • No Youth or Senior concession fares


  • Dortmund and Frankfurt continue to be daily overnight.
  • Berlin – Additional 4th departure every week. Daily mid-June until 3rd September.
  • Munich – Additional 4th departure per week in peak.

France and southern Europe

  • Lyon – The new daily service is now established. A second offer by connection is in development.
  • Western France – Presently no opportunities as the previous connection into France has been re-timed.
  • Negotiations are on-going to re-establish connections to Barcelona and Alicante through both Lille and Lyon.
  • Additional 22 destinations added in Portugal.
  • New night time departure to Turin and Milan via Lyon 4 times per week year round. Now up to 13 departures per week in the peak to Milan.

Central Europe

Peak season frequencies

  • Prague – 6 departures per week.
  • Bratislava – 6 departures per week.
  • Kosice – 10 departures per week.
  • Budapest – 6 departures per week.
  • Sofia – 7 departures per week.
  • Bucharest – 4 departures per week


  • Increased in outward frequency to Rijeka and beyond to daily from 1st May.
  • Additional destinations added to Pula and Dubrovnic


  • Belfast – Second daily London night service from Spring Bank holiday until end of September. Wi-Fi fitted to all vehicles.
  • Dublin – Extra seating capacity for the season and the introduction of Wi-Fi is due this summer
  • Cork – Daily year round operation with Wi-Fi.

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