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What National Express has to offer to travellers this autumn? You really can save on your travel

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Autumn promises to be quite pretty this year. National Express introduces some interesting offers, and also reminds about a few interesting permanent discounts.

Coaches can take you to many UK cities and towns. While they do take longer than trains and planes, you save a considerable amount of cash.

National Express FunfareNational Express introduced to its reservation system 500,000 fares for just £5.50 earlier this week. Our favorite Funfares are back! Ticket availability is very high on various routes within the UK. Simply go online and use the Fare Finder to find the cheapest fare for your journey.

This time National Express has something special for groups, when three or more travelling.

The group offer is even better and has now been extended. For only £10 each you can visit any UK destination when 3 or more are travelling. Going to the airport? National Express will take you to the airport door for £15 each when 3 or more are travelling. All you need to do is simply book 3 days in advance. Is not that amazing?

Check out this deal

Also noteworthy are fixed discounts

National Express Young Persons Coachcard

National Express offers a Young Person’s Coachcard (YPC) for those aged 16 to 25 years or who are full-time students. The YPC offers discounts of up to 30%. Apply for this discount card

National Express Senior and Disabled Coachcard

National Express also reminds about the coach travel discount for over 60s and disabled passengers. It will offer a third off coach travel at all times and half price midweek travel, except on journeys which start or finish at airports. You will need an annual discount card costing £10 per year.
The Senior and Disabled Coachcards are available from all National Express company's website

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