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Your new travel companion, meet Funtoro!

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Some time ago I received a questionnaire from National Express, which concerned the possibilities to improve quality of service. One of the questions concerned the introduction into the carrier's fleet a personal entertainment system. I was very surprised by the question and started searching informations about this topic, and I came across ... Funtoro.  Funtoro it is a kind of convenience, or otherwise saying an extra service.


Funtoro has already been introduced by Lux Express (Eurolines partner), so the service is not what you should expect something in the distant future, it's already running.  So what enables you Funtoro during the journey? Please continue reading.

Short film first:

It is not only a private cinema...

With Funtoro you can watch your favorite movies coming alive on widescreen monitor with high picture quality. Touch the screen and choose your way of entertainment regardless other passengers´ choice. Every passenger has his own monitor and own headphones and everybody can enjoy the content without disturbing the others. It´s up to you – you can choose your favorite movie, TV channel, music, pictures or connect gamepad. You can follow the road using the picture from front view camera if you are sitting at the back of the coach. Do you want to know, what is your current position or how many kilometres is to the final destination? Just one touch and you get the view on the coach position on navigation map or position within the planned route with information about the distance to next stop or final destination..

Adjustable monitor angle up to 60˚ ensures optimal view on the screen regardless of the position of the seat in front of you.

Features possible only at the aircrafts are now coming true on the ground. Just touch the screen and discover new entertainment dimensions.

It is an outstanding system

Funtoro system is outstanding solution with client-server architecture, based on high-end technologies and high production quality. All components are in accordance with automotive use standards thanks to know-how and production technologies.

Funtoro is open platform system with almost unlimited possibilities. Research and development team is continuously working on functions improving and developing of new features useful for users and operators as well. All improvements can be done for existing hardware. Thanks to the open system, it is just a question of software update. The operator can extend his systems anytime and offer the latest innovations and technologies to his customers.

Internet and remote access in the future will allow to include premium paid movies and music with payment via SMS or to control and update the system SW and content online. The future is also internet access for passengers, collecting, analyse and sending of the information from customers surveys to the central server, advertisement updates and programming via internet and a lot of further functions.

Proffesional research and development team is able to make all your multimedia wishes come true.

Try demo: (you can skip intro)

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