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Using Megabus ticket for a train connection - first experience

Posted in Budget travel

You have bought a train ticket through the website, and what next? What should you do?
Is that safe? How will you pass through the gates, and what I need to show to the conductor during the inspection?

No need to panic! The ticket is valid even though it was purchased via the coach operator website. Certainly it is also much, much cheaper. Mostly from £ 1 + booking fee. Nice :)

Megabus is associated with Stagecoach, as some railway operators in Britain. Not all rail services are available at, their number is limited. This is probably established by a special agreement between the carriers.

So what can you expect when you turn up at the platform gate?

You'll be fine - the reservation confirmation is all you need. If you're getting on/off at a station with barriers, just find the member of staff manning them and show them your confirmation and they'll let you through.

However, there is one important thing! If you claim to have a ticket stored on your phone, but the battery is flat, you are contravening the conditions of carriage. If an Electronic Ticket cannot be displayed, you will be treated as if you were unable to hand over for inspection a valid ticket.

This ticket service is called megatrain and is provided by East Midlands Trains, South West Trains and Virgin Trains.

So do not hesitate, tickets bought by are generally much cheaper. For bookings please visit

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