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Travel even cheaper to London. National Express has reduced prices again

National Express reduces advanced fares to London for 2012

From today National Express has reduced its advanced coach fares between London and ten major cities across Britain to encourage more people to visit London this summer.

Customers in locations such as Bournemouth, Bristol, Leeds and Manchester will now pay a maximum of £12 one way when they book 14 days in advance.

In some locations fares have been cut by over 50% to create a simpler pricing structure for passengers looking for affordable travel this summer.

Andrew Cleaves, Managing Director of National Express Coach, said:

The new fares are available to buy online, over the phone and at all National Express outlets so customers without internet access can still secure a low fare.

With so many iconic events taking place in London this year we have reduced the cost of travel from ten major cities across Britain to make days out more affordable. The simplified pricing structure will mean many passengers now pay just £12 or £10 each way when the book 14 days in advance.

Route Previous price New price
Bournemouth – London £13.90 £10
Bristol – London £19.90 £10
Coventry – London 
£16.90 £12
Northampton – London £13 £10
Birmingham – London
£12 £10
Leicester – London
£18.70 £12
Liverpool – London £25.50 £12
Exeter – London £22.30 £12
Manchester – London £25.30 £12
Leeds – London £18 £12

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