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Commuters can save around £150* a month by switching from car to bus - survey

  1. Annual savings could pay household fuel bills for a year
  2. High fuel and parking costs taking their toll on car drivers
  3. Stagecoach survey shows financial benefits of bus travel

Travelling by bus instead of commuting by car could save drivers around £150* a month, according to new research carried out by Stagecoach.

A survey of transport corridors across the UK has revealed that consumers could save more than £1700* a year on average, just by switching from the car to Stagecoach bus travel.

The annual saving is enough to pay household fuel bills for an entire year**.

The research coincides with other recent studies which show that motoring and living costs have continued to soar over the past year. The cost of driving to work has increased by 21% over the past 12 months, while the amount of traffic using the country’s roads has dropped*** as commuters find it increasingly difficult to meet rising motoring costs.

Just last week, the cost of diesel was predicted to reach record levels by the end of the month while UK household energy bills have also risen by an average of 21% in the past 12 months.

Stagecoach Group Chief Executive Sir Brian Souter said:

Rocketing motoring costs and household bills are squeezing living standards for many families across Britain.
This survey shows that people can save hundreds of pounds a year by switching from the car to the bus as well as avoiding the stress of being stuck in traffic jams on their way to and from work.

Stagecoach has surveyed more than 30 commuter routes across its national bus network, from the north of Scotland to the south of England, which are used by millions of passengers every year.

The study assessed the cost of making the journey daily by car, taking into account only the cost of fuel and parking – no other costs associated with car ownership were included. The survey then compared the motoring cost with the cost of purchasing a weekly multi-journey ticket on Stagecoach buses which can be used for unlimited travel on Stagecoach services within the designated area.

The results showed that, for each and every route assessed, taking the bus cost significantly less than commuting by car.

In particular, the Stagecoach survey found that:

  1. Taking the bus between Tower Hill and Liverpool City Centre could be 86% cheaper than driving
  2. Commuters in the East Midlands could save up to £350 a month just by switching to bus travel
  3. Bus users travelling between Glenrothes and Edinburgh could be up to £5,000 a year better off than if they travel by car
  4. Travelling by car between Torquay and Exeter could be £195 a month more expensive than going by bus
  5. Commuters in Wales could save up to £1,700 a year by leaving the car at home and taking the bus
  6. Bus travel between Workington and Carlisle is 72% cheaper than taking the car
  7. Bus users travelling between Huntingdon and Cambridge are over £3,000 a year better off than if they take the car

Independent research has shown that Stagecoach is one of the best value bus operators in Britain.

Stagecoach Group is also working with other major public transport groups in the UK on the Greener Journeys campaign to encourage people to make less use of cars and switch to sustainable bus and coach travel instead. The campaign is targeting one billion fewer car journeys over a three-year period. The target could be achieved by switching one in 25 journeys by car to bus and coach, delivering a huge reduction in carbon emissions.

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