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Megabus’s sleeper - new pictures.

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A few days ago, Megabus announced that soon on the route between London and Glasgow will launch a special sleeper coach where passengers will be able to lie down, and even sleep. We wrote about it here. The new vehicle will go on the road in the coming months. Luckily for our, bus enthusiasts already captured some pics where you can see the Megabus’s sleeper. Pictures are posted on

Many people guessed that the new Megabus overnight coaches have been modernized and adapted from their owned fleet, and indeed they are coaches belonging to the Megabus. They're re-introducing Bendi coaches back on Megabus from September but in a new form as Sleepers, 3 Have been Converted with 24 Bunks and 24 seats for this new concept ; Megabus Sleeper Service between Glasgow and London 7 days a week.

More about the new Megabus sleeper coach service below

Upgrade to overnight comfort between Glasgow and London...

  • Onboard catering and toilet
  • Free onboard Wi-Fi
  • Upgrade your standard ticket online
  • Service launches September 5th 2011

Introducing a brand new overnight sleeper service from, bringing some additional comfort to twilight bus travel between Glasgow and London. The sleeper service launches in September 2011 and will feature free onboard wi-fi, toilet and onboard snacks and refreshments for those who enjoy a midnight feast or an early morning coffee.

For further information or to book or upgrade, visit and our special London to Glasgow page

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stuart marshall

Looks like great idea!! - will sample it soon!!

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