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BBC correspondent tested Megabus sleeper

Posted in New coach services

The new connection that provides Megabus between London and Glasgow, has been tested by Richard Lister from BBC.

New connection operated by Megabus, lets you travel in special beds.

Each 60 foot bendy-bus is equipped with 24 bunks in stacks of three. There are 24 seats too, so you don't have to get into bed the moment you get on board.

Customers have access to a toilet, free wi-fi, on-board refreshments and a complimentary overnight pack containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bottle of water, an eye mask and a luggage label.

The new service provides cost-conscious travellers with a cheaper alternative than more expensive overnight rail travel or the inconvenience of a "red-eye" flight from an airport with added transfer time and costs.

Please watch a short BBC reportage: Go to BBC page

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