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Denmark has resumed controls at border crossings

Posted in Industry news

Denmark has begun controls at its borders a few months ago. This plan met with considerable opposition from Denmarks’ neighbors and the European Union.

At the border crossing with Germany, 30 additional customs officers is carry out random checks, while on the border with Sweden about 20 additional officers.

It is planned to double the number of customs officers and the introduction of electronic border surveillance. Denmark also wants to build several buildings at the border intended for customs officers and border guards.

The position of Denmark met with criticism from neighboring countries and the European Union, which considers them to be contrary the regulations on free movement of people and goods within the EU.

The European Commission has threatened to launch criminal procedure for violation of EU law by Denmark when the country enters a permanent customs controls at its frontiers.

The Danish government ensures that the partial resumption of border controls has only to fight crime and will not violate the principles of the Schengen Agreement.

The Schengen Area includes 25 European countries, where the freedom of movement is guaranteed and border controls do not apply: 22 members of the EU (excluding UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus) and Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. Lichtenstein joined the system in 2008, the abolition of borders is to be the end of 2011.

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