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Megabus already transported 10 million passengers

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Megabus USA is an intercity, express bus provider with fares from $1. Megabus in the U.S. recently announced that it already has carried over 10 million passengers across North America and continues to see solid growth and popularity.

Dale Moser, CEO of said: revolutionized the bus industry and we’ve continued to grow as travelers continue to look for affordable transportation options. We are very excited to reach 10 million passengers and thank all our customers for helping us reach this milestone.

A December 2010 national study conducted by the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University shows intercity bus service was the fastest growing mode of intercity transportation for the third year in a row, outpacing air and rail transportation. is leading this growth and now serves about 60 cities across the Northeast and Midwest and seven cities in Canada.  Service is available to/from six hubs: Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Washington D.C.’s also offers environmental benefits. Each double-decker bus has the potential to remove 81 automobiles from the highway and is among the most energy and fuel efficient way to travel. double-decker buses are 10 times more efficient than a 737 airplane and 25 times more efficient than a single-passenger car per passenger per mile.

Very interesting video about Megabus in the U.S.

Photos are available under the LINK

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