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Coach across Europe

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Despite the increasing number of low-cost airlines and rail links, many people still prefer to tour Europe in a coach. This form of travel has one major advantage - to explore what you pass on the journey. A person that flew by plane, wants to travel from point A to point B only, however the bus route provides a lot more of these "points". Sometimes you can, after consulting with the driver, to modify the route. Due to increasing competition from other modes of transport, fares are much lower for this type of travel. Unfortunately, the fares are limited by fuel prices, which aren’t currently at a low level.

The main disadvantages of travelling by bus or coach are: sometimes the discomfort, and long travel time. These aren’t drawbacks, which lead the tourists to the total abandonment of coach trips. Tourists don’t resign from the voyage, even after the information about the tragic accidents, which are publicized by the media. A major incentive might be a good condition of roads in Western Europe and the lack of passport control at the border.

If you decide to complete a journey by bus or coach, don’t forget that you’ve got the right to ask about the technical condition of vehicles. Always choose proven companies, and in case of doubt, request an inspection of the vehicle and driver.

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